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  1. Started playing Forza Horizon 5 couple of days ago. Free roaming is fun, but racing feels like any other racing games. Also second season of Rainbow Six Siege is about to start so time to start grinding again, and not play any other games.
  2. Interceptor- 7.5/10 Managed to catch in theaters (last week) few days before it's worldwide official release on Netflix. Pretty much what i expected, a b-grade VOD action movie directed and written by Matthew Reilly. Unironically the action scenes (nothing innovative but just well shot) and tension during conversations are made better than some hollywood action movies- that is enough to make this movie at a 7/10. Luke bracey was also fun as the baddie.
  3. I'm up for halo infinite, And also just recently downloaded Forza Horizon 5.
  4. So i just completed the R6 Siege's current battle pass, with ten days left before the season 2 battle pass is released. Now i don't know what games i should be playing while waiting for the next battle pass to be released. Not in the mood of downloading games.
  5. Kung Fu Panda 3 - 6/10 It was just forgettably straightforward and disappointing. It really pales in comparison to the other two movies. 1917- 7/10 The cinematography was impressive, but felt superficial. Hell, the whole movie felt superficial. The Nice Guys - 7.5/10 It was fun, but felt like it kinda went out of steam towards the final act of the movie; felt like i kinda lost interest and didn't care by then. Everything Everywhere All at Once - 8.5/10 Wow, i wasn't expecting it to be this good and deep thematically. Great performances by the cast and some really good writing. The only things holding this movie back is some of the exposition drags down the pace, some weirdness felt kinda forced, and some of the sound mixing/mastering muffles some of the dialogue. The Matrix Revolutions - 6/10 Forgettable. Not even fun to watch; at least Reloaded was fun to watch and had memorable scenes. Overlord - 7/10 It got the job done, even it's generic. Really wished it leaned more into the sci-fi horror route.
  6. Finally finished reading it today. So that's it- the 7th and final book in the series finally done. It ended in satisfying way. I'm glad Reilly made the ending like how James Gunn did with Might not be my favourite book in the series though. But i do feel so empty knowing there isn't any more Jack West Jr books coming in the future.😢
  7. Guardians of the Galaxy 1 & 2, Thor: Ragnarok, and The Suicide Squad. All on Blu-Ray from ebay for cheap.
  8. Nobody- 6.5/10 It okay? I don't see why people hype it. Like It's not new to the action genre, nor does try anything different. Other similar movies have done it better. Fight Club- 7/10 Still can't get into this movie.😌It has it's moments though. The Protégé- 7.5/10 I actually enjoyed this. Not the best nor particularly bland. Generic, but enjoyable. Can't go wrong with Maggie Q kicking ass, Samue L, jackson being himself, and Michael Keaton was fun to watch as the baddie. Wasted potential story wise, and horrid decision to change Maggie Q's hair to short hair midway through the movie. Inglourious Basterds- 8.5/10 Nothing needs to be said about Waltz. Entertaining movie. Shosanna and Hans Landa, were such good characters. The Adventures of Tintin - 7/10 It's fun to watch, but forgettable after watching.
  9. Bought a Motorola g30 phone. it was 10% off on top of a already discounted price.
  10. So.. i've been using Okcupid for couple of days and.. it's working well, actually? No success on Tinder though... which is to be expected
  11. Well i 've just started using some dating apps couple days ago. So... wish me luck?✌️
  12. I'm up for it. But not sure if our meeting time will be able to match.
  13. Since Rainbow Six Extraction has been just added, i'm up for it as well.
  14. So my parents bought a new car today and it's gonna arrive during April. It's a Lexus UX 250h. And dear lord does the model looks horrid imo, judging from the online pictures since i wasn't there with them.
  15. Started Mortal Kombat 11 and Halo Infinite since December. Honestly, i prefer and enjoying MK11 more over Injustice 2 gameplay wise even though i just started. Maybe because i don't have to worry about gear stats and leveling up the characters, and also there's no real weight discrepancies between characters- they all feel the same. Still forgetting that there's a block button, though, in MK11 since i'm too used to Injustice's thumbstick blocking. The only frustrating thing is that sometimes my special move imputs don't register. As for halo, haven't really played much of the campaign (still in the opening level). Mostly playing multiplayer, and honestly not really vibing with it. I guess Halo was never my type of fps. Still gonna try to force myself to keep playing though.
  16. So i watched 15 movies during 2021: John Wick 3 (2019) Mother (2009) Body of Lies (2008) Scarface (1983) Hot Fuzz (2007) The Godfather (1972) The Godfather 2 (1974) Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace (1999) Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones (2002) Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith (2005) The Suicide Squad (2021) Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019) V for Vendetta (2006) The Untouchables (1987) Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (2019) Honestly, i feel i've been losing interest in watching movies during the past year (Being employed lately doesn't help either).🙃 Maybe i can try to force myself to watch few movies this year.
  17. I'm up for Halo Infinite, Mortal Kombat 11, back 4 Blood.
  18. Bought a 2tb Seagate HDD couple of days ago for my old Xbox one. I can finally transfer COD MW and Warzone to free up some internal space. Also i can finally use my game pass subscription to full effect with the additional external storage.
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