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  1. Considering how old the thread is, and with the new redesign, unless they've hidden the feature really well, it's not likely... Oh well!
  2. Feel free to add me for this achievement. gamertag: jdobem
  3. Same boat here, feel free to add me. gamertag: jdobem
  4. same here, i had it in my other console, the new one didnt have it. but just got it from the website as it's free again. cheers
  5. really liked the couch coop part, my gf was thrilled...
  6. to be fair, i wasnt really thrilled with the game, gave up in the beginning... it's just not my thing, even being a fan of open worlds...
  7. I kinda liked the evolution of the cases...
  8. i still find it hard on eaasy mode... i cant do it within time limits..
  9. i enjoyed the game but sold it... now im kinda sorry... will have to try and grab it on the bargain bin...
  10. jdobem

    Patch Inbound

    is it been out already? the patch i mean? i kinda dont want to start the game if it's not...
  11. i bought it but havent yet started playing it... it looks cool though... hope the story helds up...
  12. i'd never had tried it if it wasnt free but it's a great tower defense game!
  13. it's a nice game, i got it when it was WP7 and on the WP8 i just redownloaded it! it's a shame it's not multiple devices, buying this again for the tablet just seems too much... still, it's a nice puzzle game!
  14. yeah, read the books to get better grasp but i dont see this getting a sequel... has anyone seen any news from this ?
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