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  1. Gonna start working on these achievements Monday.
  2. I won't get it day 1, but I am certainly leaning towards getting it eventually, especially since I need a nice WW2 shooter in my life again.
  3. Here's how you announce Halo 2 Anniversary at E3. Wait until the end of the conference. Start saying "well, guess that's all we have". Lights go out. Halo 2 theme starts playing. Logo appears. Crowd goes nuts. Lights come back on, person on stage is now Master Chief. I still need a weapon.
  4. Tomb Raider isn't a AAA tile. Hasn't been for decades.
  5. Name one game where that is the case. Certainly not the case in any COD games.
  6. I thought this thing sucked too until I got used to the timing.
  7. You have to hit Level 4 each time. Similar to COD, the challenges don't start counting until you've unlocked them.
  8. What weak and irrelevant weapons? Any weapon is deadly in this game in the right hands.
  9. No you do not. I regenerated yesterday and all 3 of my Titans were still unlocked.
  10. Yeah, I get this once or twice a day. Today it froze the game for a good 20 seconds before it continued.
  11. Ogre Nuclear Ejection (+ Massive Payload Burn Card when I have it) Auto Eject Electrical Smoke Chaingun Just demolishes people. Good fun.
  12. Yes you do. Makes the game a little more fun and challenging.
  13. It's supposed to be challenging. Get over it.
  14. Will make my decision on this about a month or two in.
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