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  1. Great guide, thanks! Only difficulty I had was on two of the waves in the 30 wave arena.
  2. 3-5 hours is absolutely absurd. I had quite a bit of idle time, and the X1 dashboard says I played for 11.5 hours. I'd say you're looking at more of a range of 7-12 hours using a guide.
  3. I've had two problems so far. First, in section 2, the firefly took about 15 minutes to come out of the tail. Second, in section 3, the rocks will not hop out of the path. I don't know why I'm having so many problems, but I've wasted plenty of time trying to figure these things out. =EDIT= In section 3, I had to pull the creature's tail before the rocks started hopping. =EDIT2= In section 10, I had to pick up a pitchfork in the first area (underneath the bat) and use it to hold the chain down in the second area (where you turn into the bear). Also in section 10, pick up the torch on the patch leading to the fire.
  4. Thanks, I got it. I had to delete my save and make a new one because the animation would not register, and I couldn't leave the area.
  5. I've got the robes from the monk, but cannot find where to enter the monastery. There is no lever to pull.
  6. Ok, thanks. I've had no problem unlocking other achievements both before and after going for the bobbleheads. Hopefully it pops soon.
  7. I've picked up all 20 and no achievement. Anyone else have this problem?
  8. I can't get these two to unlock either. Hopefully a patch fixes them.
  9. I followed the achievement guide and have 53 wins, but it hasn't unlocked. I wish someone would post how they got this.
  10. How do you access the DLC in this game? I have literally selected every option possible in this game and cannot find out how to play these extra levels. =EDIT= It looks like the game is messed up, and you cannot play the levels. This makes four achievements unobtainable. http://www.signalstudios.net/forums/showthread.php?9757-Toy-Soldiers-Cold-War-Touch-Edition-%28win-8%29-problems
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