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  1. Just got this game and want to polish off the MP cheevo quick please. GT Sublimosis Done now. Random helped in the end.
  2. glitch still works a treat. Just finished up now. 1st play through on can I play daddy difficulty. Didn't wait for credits to fully roll as they are long! level select 16 on uber and Cheevos unlocked after I let credits fully roll after finishing off deaths head. For the uber play through of level 16 I ran past 1st fight. Ran downstairs got killed. Respawn at top of stairs, enemies ran past were all gone so could stock up on all the pickups. After that just picked stuff off from a distance with rockets and dropped laser mini gun from super soldier and took it slow and careful. Deathshead fight not too bad if you stun him with grenades in first phase. Then stock up, get duel rocket launchers and laser rifle set up for toggle and use the walkway trick.
  3. Looking to boost this one. Hit me up, GT Sublimosis
  4. Thankyou very much. That was the problem. Achievement sorted now. I also noticed it doesn't have to be done in one session. I did Aurora one night at 5 star level, switched off xbox. Then the following evening did Brightwall, Bowerstone Market and Dweller Camp and it unlocked. The guide is incorrect.
  5. Apologies if this has been asked before, but how do you get the lute games to appear in the cities. I'm finding they don't appear anymore in Brightwell and Bowerstone Market?
  6. Truey Master RocketHarmony (PakoRawr) Spargo CXVII Darkfoot Fox choosemyfate Da Kenny (Da Kenny XL) Chaosturbo8 maggotdude Grogan1981 (GeeSpot007) UltimateTT66 Cheeese (Matt16594) Duke of Darkness (The Allslayer) Girlshatebrian (Didactic DOC) El Weon 630 banky007 Rilleboo (Lille Rille) Correcto7 ReallyRedPants sxylou69 evillive3636 RobbieBurns94 (x RetroRob x) Mr Henchman Laurizio83 RoastBuider Thy Entertainer prophetofog (Zaitsev42) Cacophonix90 (Zaedriel) Mint Blitz spearmintg (GT: Spearmint Spaff) Cordawg411 Taken myself off the list, have all 50 weapons now
  7. Next in line are- Truey Master RocketHarmony (PakoRawr) Spargo CXVII Darkfoot Fox choosemyfate Da Kenny (Da Kenny XL) Chaosturbo8 maggotdude Grogan1981 (GeeSpot007) UltimateTT66 Cheeese (Matt16594) Duke of Darkness (The Allslayer) Girlshatebrian (Didactic DOC) El Weon 630 banky007 Rilleboo (Lille Rille) Aphrodite1 (Sublimosis)
  8. Looking to do all the Coop missions. Gamertag is Sublimosis. Hit me up if interested. UK based
  9. After having read all of these longwinded arguments and posts about the relevance of putting MP cheevos into what has always been historically a SP game, my decision is going to be simple. Avoid and play other titles to keep my completion rate up. I'm going for Metro Last Light, hopefully Bioshock 3 will feature no MP cheevos and Dead Space 3 as new release titles. I may play this game in the future based on reports on how long it will take to grind out. But as a completionist I will avoid for now. I don't get as much time as I used to on the X Box. There are plenty of other SP and no online games out there to keep me entertained. I vowed never to play and boost online MP modes after Wolfenstein, Quantum of Solace and Halo 3. All of these took hours and hours to do and was quite frankly a real pain in the arse as well as a time waste. Those pricks at Bungie even had the balls to ban people if they were boosting the cheevos. This is why I have avoided the newer Assassins Creed titles. I have played and completed to 100% every tombraider game since the franchise started back on the PS1. Its really sad to see a title that always boasted a wonderfully immersive SP experience being propped up by what I fear will be a shitty MP mode. I may be wrong, but Level 60. That's enough for me to say "Pass" and focus on other titles. I'm sure there are plenty of others out there that share my sentiments.
  10. I concur with Fixelbucket's summary. I've played this for a few hours now, and yes the last set of rounds (16-20) in the Play mode for each category are very hard. But the advantage is you can pause the game and write stuff down (with a pocket calculator on standby). This is absolutely essential for the numeracy tests, as its impossible to get the 3* with the timer constraints. So far I've done literacy and numeracy 3* on all 20 levels. The Coach mode is rounds of the one style game only (eg just anagrams or sorting out pieces of words to make a full word). These increase in difficulty from Bronze to Gold. But if you've done the play modes all 3* these shouldn't be too bad. The IQ test mode looks to ramp the difficulty up again. I noticed that some of the arithmetic ones are harder than in Play and Coach mode.The good news is you can also pause the IQ test mode as well, which will make getting that IQ of 160 a bit easier. This game is going to be a slog for the full 400G, and not that easy as the 1 post wonder in the other thread claims.
  11. Mensa Acadamey its called in the UK. It's not that easy. Play mode, rounds 16-20 on the word puzzles is no that straightforward. Some of those words are ridiculous to guess missing letters of
  12. Joust 2 is fucking horrible. Totally feel your pain mate. This is how I did it, after what felt like around 60-70 attempts. It took a couple of hours for me to finally get it, and I think I got lucky more than anything else. Get to level 3 with all lives intact. Absolutely essential. Also don't bother going for the bonus square should you get from a large egg on levels 3 and above - too risky. Level 3 - You start in the middle of the screen. I flew upwards and hovered under the platform above on the far left edge and waited for that red thing to appear and move to under me. Then drop on it and kill that fucker off first. After that there isn't much strategy other than try and stay high up under the ledges on the middle and bottom platforms and drop down on them when you can. I used the Pegasus button sometimes to drop on them. I never bothered with the very top of the level. You get killed too easy up there. Level 4 - Move to the right and park yourself midway under the ledge above. Transform into Pegasus and try and waste as many red birds as you can there by hopping up a bit. The Pegasus form is shit at jumping. I never really lasted that long but if you can take out maybe 4 or 5 that's good. Now you want to get to the top ledge if you can. After getting killed I would often spawn up there or very close to it. Get to the top ledge and drop down the gap as Pegasus and fly back up again over and over when enemies appear below. Its hard but with persistance it can be done.
  13. I ordered mine through Amazon UK last week
  14. OK. Here's who we have so far. I'll send C Dott 96 a msg to see if he's happy to step in just in case, but confirmed are: 1. Sublimosis 2. MeDiCaTeDHaMsTe 3. 4. **** EDIT **** Done them. Thanks to MeDiCaTeDHaMsTe and his mates! I will have the game for a week now tops, so if anyone needs help if they already have a group of 3 or need revivals, hit me up.
  15. Hey I'm just about to start this game and looking to boost the 2 online cheevos first to get them out of the way. Please feel free to add me to your group. Hit me up GT: Sublimosis
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