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  1. I had the Jap import on Dreamsact and loved it!!I loved it at the arcade when I was younger,too.
  2. So...you made an incomplete bottle toss guide?
  3. They are not arresting me instead they are killing me over and over.Maybe its a glitch?
  4. I murdered someone and the guards saw me.I chose to resist and now whenever I go to Bowerstone Road the guards attack me.They just keep attacking untill I die then after I respawn they kill me again.
  5. Id rather get kicked in the nuts than play this game again!
  6. I got mine new at Gamstop for 19.99,too.Plus I traded in the camera I already had for 9.00 so it cost like 13.00 out the door with a camera!!Not bad considering its 9.00 just to rent any game at Blockbuster.
  7. IMO,its alot more fun playing with a ton of money!!!
  8. Thanks for the tip.Worked great.I just got the game so I guess everyone that wanted to know,DIDNT know!!
  9. I agree,thats why I find it funny that x360a gives an award for being a girl gamer.
  10. I agree!I absolutley hated that game!!!!
  11. Your right he is not underground but neither is MF Doom.
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