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  1. If anyone is still trying for some MP achievements send me a message, I still need artilleryman, down boy and I'm all that. I can help with any that you need. Thanks Gamer tag is Spike2055
  2. I pull off all the moves more than once with a combo off 150 or higher and still no chievo... After the challenge it shows 12x variation with 4x gadgets it just won't work for me
  3. I found a super easy method to beating Deathstroke, as soon as the fight starts double tap A and jump over him and hit X to strike him, and keep doing that the entire fight, you can build up your combo meter and use the B Y takedown move as soon as you can as many times as you can, you will only have to do counters during QTEs and the spamming of Y after the flash. He never got one hit on me and I never had the grapple hook shot at me like everyone mentioned. That's the way I beat him and it was super easy and super fast maybe 5 minutes.
  4. is there any fixes for the saved game glitches.. Every time i load its corrupted and i need to restart level and after a few hours wasted multiple times i am not doing it again.. So fuck cod and the people who make it.. I am done with there inferior games
  5. no split screen co-op, thats so shit, i dont even want to play the game after trying to play split screen co-op and finding out there is none.
  6. is there an option to show the cutscenes with text on screen? i ususally put that option on cuz i can read the text a lot faster then the voice acting and that speeds up game playing
  7. i usually listen to music while playing sports games like hockey, baseball etc.. i dont like the in game announcers they are usually pretty bad
  8. i would say fantastic four: rise of the silver surfer
  9. lego star wars 2, i have one achievement left.. cant die on the last death star level, can never get it so i havent tried in like 2 years:eek:
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