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  1. I found a method that can boost your XP. Not recommended from start to finish, but rather a method to just top off to that next level. You can start up Challenge of the Champions mode and load up Challenge #5 - Dont push it.....on the wet. Just crash into the wall and the challenge will end. This will net you 300 quick xp points. Hit Y and restart and repeat as needed. Highly recommended you do career mode and online first. Not the best method for gaining xp, but the best semi-idle method so far.
  2. a_correa4

    Level 44

    what's you're solution im stuck on this level as well.
  3. Ps so ironic.....your a bears fan from Las Vegas, and im a Giants fan from Chicago....lol
  4. Yeah, but i think it depends on the character you selects playthru unlocks some of the last characters. My first playthru unlocked all but four characters. My third playthru with shoutmon unlocked Guilmon. Just missing Wormmon and Impmon now. Ill update exactly when I find them on what playthru/character/stage when I do.
  5. In my first playthru, i unlocked most characters except for Guilmon Impmon Wormmon Any ideas of how to obtain these guys?
  6. Green Wild Child - Appears during daybreak on the Shinkanjo. Won't battle anyone without a Subaru. I have a Subaru and EVERYONE is defeated except for this one. He does not appear for me Any hints?
  7. Game seems like it belongs on ps2.......lol Size is only 422mb.....it should have never been a retail game
  8. The Correct character name you have listed for Geolle is actually Diol Twee
  9. Thanks again for your hard work over the years with these great guides!!
  10. Does anyone know how this is obtained or what the requiements are for this achievement?
  11. Thumbs up for this guide! Couldnt do it without your help 2 achievements left for 100% mail, hoping when i get that 混沌と収束の完璧主義者 Achievement unlocks with it (crossing fingers)
  12. Really nice guide, big thumbs up! NOBODY has any info on this game until I came across your guide! Thanks again for the help
  13. +1 in need of a guide with no word of japanese here or know the rules, any tips would be nice Thx
  14. +1......in need of help with this one
  15. Any other tips one can share before starting this?
  16. +1, lets revive an old thread :-)
  17. Just got the game and was looking for any details to help me with any of it? Can anyone share their experience on it? Guide, tips ect would be nice Thx
  18. Just got the game myself, thanks for the guide to help all non-japanese speaking people. any updates for d&t? Running thru story now, thanks again!
  19. So far this seems to be more of a visual novel more than a racing game. Anyone with any kind of info on how to play?
  20. Just got the game, can anyone help out with any kind of guode or break down of the game?
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