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  1. Is there a way to get rid of achievment modders from the Leaderboards? It is clear that EMU5910 modded his "Medic!" achievement, since it is not obtainable in the game. His recorded show, that he Unlocked it on 11.Jan.22. With several other gametime/playlist related achievements at the same time/minute. Achievements that could not be obtained in the same game (Medic, Control Freak, Straight to the Bank, Zone Ranger, Running Laps, A Fellow of Infinite Jest) https://www.xboxachievements.com/game/halo-infinite/achievements/EMU5910
  2. "Medic!"-Achievment is bugged and can not be unlocked in the current "Cyber Showdown" event
  3. A1-3 is bugged for me, its locked on 244/50 with increasing didgets. Is there any help? I tried to delete my saves but it did not work,
  4. Have too correct myself, but the Information could be added, that it takes seven days...
  5. MCC easily hits the 300+ hour mark if you are not boosting and a medium player (Having a 45-50 back in H3).
  6. 99 achievments are not featured on the website - I can only check 601 out of 700.
  7. For me there are 39 Achievments missing on the overview.
  8. Savegame manipulation does not work anymore - Might be a good idea to delete it from the guide.
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