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  1. Yeah, reach the level 7000? I never will get it :)
  2. My games that i never will won the 1000g are all relacioned with internet and live gold, or are games that some achievements are unrecheable, like JD2015 (Send a video to community remix) or buy some DLC.
  3. My last 1000g is the insane Goat Simulator, but they will launch the 2 dlc's for xbox 360. Back to the 50%.
  4. i'm João, I'm not too new here (i have 2 months of subscription, i guess), and as I never introduced myself, I decided to introduce myself now. I'm here 'cause i recently bought a Xbox 360 (in Brazil, the Xbox one is so much expensive) and and I think this one of the best xbox sites. I like FPS games, action games, adventure games, platform games e puzzles games. The games i'm playing currently are: COD MW3, GTA V, AC: Brotherhood e Goat simulator (hehehe). I like to play on multiplayer, but i'm rarely online 'cause i haven't internet on home. I'm joined now on Xbox rewards waiting for a feedback ($$$). My GamerTag is the same as my username. So... Bye.
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