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  1. New DLC Ballad Heroes (Neutral Gwent Cards Set) :
  2. I confirmed that there's only one Albrich a few days ago (logical, it's a unique character). And starting deck has only 1 Ballista maybe there are 199 cards but it's only duplicate, in my opinion there are 198 I own 196 cards like joel i miss the same 2 weather cards (in the official guide there are 3 of each) iI think they made a mistake bcoz i own 4 infantry and i think it should be 3 and 2 Ballistas
  3. Hi, There are maybe 199 cards but there are no 2 Albrich is a unique character Perhaps there's only 198 cards and that's logic : 37 cards for Northern R., Nilfgaard, and Scoia'tel and 40 for monsters. Another problem I've got i only got one Balista and 4 Poor F. Infantry !? Has someone 2 balistas in his Northern Deck ?
  4. I need help please I beat lambert got his card (Triss Merigold) but the quest ended and I don't know how to find Thaler ty
  5. Thank you so much for these helpful tips. Sorry but I collected 3 cards in Gustfields or maybe Dandelion isn't missable ?
  6. hint : there is more than one logo in each locations
  7. I shot the heli in the rear with the rpg without touching the soldier ; the heli crash but no kills
  8. I've got 7/12 Total stealth no kills completions. If you enter "matrix" mode just reload checkpoint it works perfectly
  9. perhaps you don't need a code for the digital copy, haven't you find one searching the menu options
  10. Tips for the XOF patches they can be found only in the main mission ground zeroes. (they unlock the extra ops mission with raiden) But cassette tapes are also hidden in side ops. I got 17/19,but I'm unable to find the last ones, any tips please ? edit maybe they must be found in hard mode
  11. no you don't the bonus dlc will also be included in the digital copy of the game you must register your copy of the retail version at core.konami.com with the code included
  12. this dlc will appear in the next mgsv game aka the phantom pain
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