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  1. Got mine from clicking on this alert, someone passed me on the leaderboard in ultimate team. I would add anyone you know that plays to make the chances higher although they are really rare to see. http://i.imgur.com/3MpYb9c.png
  2. I buy most of my games. I used to rent a game a week for GS but stopped doing that about 2 years ago. Just play what I want to play and don't really focus on GS.
  3. I thought CoD4 was the hardest, No Fighting in the War Room took me hours to beat! WaW was pretty hard too, especially the mission where you storm the Reichstag. The recent CoD's have been very easy on veteran.
  4. I'm currently waiting very intently for GTA V. Looks like its gonna be really great.
  5. I will play the game according to the roadmap (on the hardest difficulty, picking up every collectable, etc) and then get so bored of the game from doing that that I ultimately will give up on the game. Just stupid OCD that I have and can't get rid of.
  6. I keep everything on my HD. I've never really thought of this before so I think I might backup my stuff onto a USB in the future.
  7. Xbox Live will always be pay to play. Microsoft maybe could have absorbed all the the costs when the 360 came out, but as time goes on it looks like more and more of their revenue is getting tied up and sucked into other markets. They are badly outgunned in the tablet and smartphone markets and are sinking millions into the long-term goal of making money on it. Microsoft needs all the money they can get now. I don't know if Xbox Live would qualify as Entertainment and Devices or an Online Service, but neither are pretty. Don't count on XBL being free anytime soon. http://static1.businessinsider.com/image/4b7337bc0000000000a10a91/chart-of-the-day-msft-operating-profit.gif http://static5.businessinsider.com/image/508061996bb3f7c876000002-960/chart-of-the-day-microsoft-online-operating-income-oct-2012.jpg
  8. On average 0. I only really get games that I preorder now and that is atypical. I used to be so much more into Xbox, its a shame. Trying to get back into it now though, got 4 games this month.
  9. Look at that, the top 3 threads there are ridiculous "reply to the above" -type threads, and coincidentally they were all closed by Creech for being spam. And all of the above examples have more than double the biggest Top 5 thread! Yes, you are correct. I didn't realize all those threads were in the off topic forum, so that is my mistake. I think you make a good point by saying that these threads are double the size of the top thread in the Top 5 forum. It shows that the top 5 forum has limited use. I think that having a forum specifically for Top 5 threads is overkill. It's a game forum of limited scope; its by definition limited to Top 5 threads and doesn't include other forum games. I think the Top 5 forum could be broadened to fit all these other game threads in (where they should belong). This would get all the clutter and spam out of the off topic forum. Tl;dr Version Make Top 5 Forum into a larger forum games forum that is still disabled to post count, re-enable posts for the off-topic forum. Sorry if this has been brought up, when I started writing this it was right after Veedrock originally responded to me and I can see there have been many responses since then. I forgot about it to run off to Christmas Eve dinner and just got back to finishing it.
  10. I agree with having post count disabled on Members Lists and Top 5, but having the entire Off-Topic section not count is a rather large portion of the site. Off-Topic and its subforums (excluding Top5): 563,794 posts Entire Site: 4,826,197 posts I think to say 11.7% of the entire site doesn't exist anymore is a bit extreme. Lots of meaningful discussion occurs in off topic, I think that making a game forum would be a good idea. I've seen it on many forums before and it works fine.
  11. NHL 11, same thing as NHL 10 pretty much, terrible achievements. Far Cry 2
  12. Dirt: Showdown AC: Brotherhood AC: Revelations COD: BO2 New sandals New shoes Money Thats about it.
  13. Just got this as I was clicking into another thread: Danger: Malware Ahead! Google Chrome has blocked access to this page on www.xbox360achievements.org. Content from www.layoutlocator.com, a known malware distributor, has been inserted into this web page. Visiting this page now is very likely to infect your Mac with malware. Found it to be someones signature image. Yours could very well be the same. I wouldn't worry.
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