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  1. You're discussing a ban now...breaking your own rules. You see we get punished for such things. lol And show us...show us where this harassment took place because it's being blown out of proportion now. You're making it out to sound so much worse just to try and play the "im not in the wrong" card. It's bullshit. Don't play the gender card here. They were indeed COMPLETELY unwarranted.
  2. Thanks Kairi. Wrong, it's not me that is the problem here damn it. I WANT THIS PLACE TO BE GREAT. But you don't listen...even when its done in a proper manner...you just ignore it, you keep ignoring it and LOOK AT THIS FORUM...you're now punishing the only people who ever come here anymore for things we didn't do wrong
  3. Yeah, I know. I made it. lol

  4. Love your signature :D :p

  5. Stop censoring us when you are the ones who are making the fucking wrong decisions. YOU ARE KILLING THIS SITE. Or fucking ban me too because im not gonna stop bringing it up, it's ridiculous and you people are at fault here. Stop treating this place like nazi germany and instead of just making things disappear that you don't like, start discussing the things that are wrong with the god damn community. They just want to ignore the issue because they don't feel they are in the wrong here.
  6. http://i.imgur.com/zSwSsWj.png


  7. I spent an hour hitting her, health bar still showed no signs of decreasing. Don't think I will bother...I don't have the patience to sit there for hours doing that lol.
  8. I wish this place were more like TA. Minus the forum format of course.
  9. Warhammer 40k needs an Action RPG like Diablo. Omg I'd never play anything else.
  10. Sounds like a totally awesome fun time...for 13 yr old girls Sure it will.
  11. I think the feeling here is mutual. Would be nice to have strong countries on our borders
  12. Hours since anyone posted! This place is dying because you people have lives. You just think about that...doesn't feel very good does it?
  13. Ugh...so creepy lol


  14. I really enjoyed that game. Has a really good soundtrack. Dark Souls 3 is right around the corner
  15. Heh, I hate youtubers (I hate everything lol) I can't believe people like Styx...I thought I was going to love it...stealth game as a Goblin!? Hell yeah...annnnnnnnd I thought it was awful lol.
  16. Kind of applies to most places that rate games, this place included. I wish I could remember the last review I read here...all I remember was they were talking about how bad a certain aspect of this particular game was...then proceeded to rate it like like 85. Haven't bothered reading reviews here since. Hard to find honest reviews these days...everyones either paid to give high scores or just afraid to be honest.
  17. Welcome to the community! Enjoy your achievement hunting!
  18. Sounds more and more like Sony isn't willing to play ball. Totally expected from them.
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