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  1. If Supreme Commander 2 is true, the presumably it would be BC. If that's the case then fingers crossed SC1 will be BC too ... had that for a long time but would run much better on One
  2. 2.5 yrs since the last post but hoping someone out there is willing to pass on this viral. Any takers please?
  3. Free "Minecon 2015" Minecraft skin pack, free until July 15th Xbone: http://store.xbox.com/en-US/Xbox-One/DLC/Minecon-2015-Skin-Pack/91412da7-eade-4a6c-8da7-8b5c92af501c 360: http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-us/Product/Minecon-2015-Skin-Pack/58797f6b-eb3b-4a5d-a3c4-17fa8076ed27
  4. Yes. Any games bought can be accessed from your purchase history.
  5. Maybe they can finally bring out a HD Collection free with GWG ... sif lol
  6. Nicely played once again M$. I'm guessing it's best to play Bioshock 1 & 2 before playing Infinite? Not that I'll be able to do that anytime soon with my backlog
  7. Yea it was reported on TA that is was unexpectedly removed from the store. I can find it on xbox.com but no option to purchase. I'd love for it to come back as I already have it but was waiting patiently for the DLC to come on sale. One can only hope.
  8. They must have screwed the pooch when they fixed it for us ... but just tested the marketplace & have no access now.
  9. That's a really shitty alternative. Yesterday it said Witcher wasn't available in my region (NZ) but luckily today I was able to download it otherwise could have ended up with that.
  10. If you want all the achievements, then you're going to have to practice alot as you'll need to be ok with using everyone. If you want to have fun but also get some achievements, then use guys like Zangief. You can spam his Lariat by pressing all the punch buttons (or any button you specify in controller setup) and win easily against AI, even on Hardest. Should get a fair few cheevs that way. Else do alot of training with characters learning their movesets & start on an easier difficulty before moving up. Good luck
  11. They have disabled the ability to create new accounts so if you have downloaded the game but never played it (like myself), you cannot start. I have started Spartacus & AirMech Arena recently because of this.
  12. Splosion-Man is the free game for (presumably) all the regions where The Raven is not available. http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-AU/Product/Splosion-Man/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d8025841098f
  13. I've just brought this game & not going to start it unless I can find people to boost the ranked matches. Boosting dates & times can be changed to better suit if necessary. edit: Done
  14. From TA... For the month of November, gamers on the Xbox One will get the brand new [email protected] game, Volgarr the Viking... Gamers in Germany, Russia, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil, however, will be receiving the full version of Powerstar Golf for the month instead Though I do not own a One yet, I'd actually prefer to look forward to playing Powerstar instead of another hack-n-slasher
  15. Hey guys I've just finished the game & only going to login once a day to attack.I've told my friend to send a few of you FR's but they don't have gold sub or a login here, so if you get a FR from xo ewok ox, it's for this.
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