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  1. Complete 5 quests with a full party. If anyone is up for this message honorablerob so we can arrange something, shouldn't take very long.
  2. ACHIEVEMENT SESSION RAPID DISCORD! SATURDAY 16th 8.00 (UK timezone UTC+00:00) Getting people together a group for this achievement next sat 8.00 UK time. I'll leave to you work out the correct time to attend based on where you are on the globe. Ill be organizing one team my friend will be organizing the other team. Those already on on-board please be online, otherwise your place might go to someone else. When we get everyone up and running and you finally get the 'rapid discord' achievement please stay and help everyone else get theirs, and if we get time we can also do some other very tough Overwatch achievements such as: The Iris Embraces You Slice and Dice
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