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  1. Just joined and your right ... They cover a lot more on this Game, Many Thanks
  2. Last map and Boilies, pop up Boilies and Tiger Nuts will bring them in, Also fish at opposite end of the Dam Wall
  3. I'm wondering the same, luved it on the PC
  4. Wish these were in the UK, or maybe a second party may do it ... especially like the engraving Idea
  5. Is there Mods on the XB1 version?
  6. Hi Many thanks for all the responses I've just got the Catfish Specimen Achievement so going for the Carp and Bream Achievement next, Found a Nice little place on the last Map that gives decent Bream and landed a 10lb Bream from it so was wondering what weight is the "Specimen" ? I like the sound of Tiger nuts but got to save to grab them, I caught the Bream on an anti-blow Hook , Size 6 with the popup redworm , also does anyone know any good baits and spots for Roach and Tench? Also can you put pictures on here so I can share the 2 Spots I caught the Specimen Catfish and Big Bream peg? Many thanks again, Banjo
  7. Hi Jut bought this game and wondered if anyone has got any good tips etc? If I find any I will post them up, Many thanks
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