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  1. I consider myself to be pretty good at game but I'm declaring this game impossible. I can't even make it past level 5
  2. What's pissing me off is that i can't get my two xbones to connect together so i can double box boost seriously achievement. Keep getting the 'connection to host was lost' message
  3. Player 2 won't get any achievements.
  4. As well as all the grenades you'll also need the Gatling Gun, Longbow, Stun Rod and the S&W 500(?) magnum. Which becomes available after upgrading the other S&W magnum
  5. In short the achievement trackers are stuck. It happened around 2 days ago and nothing has unlocked on this game since then. Basically things along the lines of the tracker saying I've only collected 50% of Ithildin yet the game still says I have them all but no achievement. Should I cut my losses and delete the save and start a fresh in the hope it'll work. I've tried all the suggestions including removing my GT then adding it back to th console and I've even uninstalled then reinstalled the game to no avail. Thanks in advance
  6. I'm online right now and grinding bounties and will be for more hours. I'm personally grinding bounties but feel free to join as i can level characters very quickly. Just message on XBL
  7. Any modded armour/weapons would be of great help. Message me on live @ Aero x360a. Thanks!
  8. I've followed all the instructions and i'm not getting any of the pre-order bonuses? And i have saves for them on my HDD I have saves from B1 & B2. BL1 character hasn't completed the main story, but my BL2 has completed story and TVM mode. This would mean i would at least be getting part of the loyalty bonus (10 Moonstones) but i'm not receiving any at all. Not even an acknowledgement i've played the first two games.
  9. GFWL service is being ended 1st July 2014 http://www.polygon.com/2013/8/19/4637694/microsoft-games-for-windows-live-service-ending-july-2014
  10. I've read a few posts around the 'net which say you don't have to marry Lady Grey for all demon doors. If you expose her and become the mayor yourself it will allow you into all of the locations. Anyone confirm this?
  11. RE: Arthur or Robin achievement If you can't manage to beat your score at the Archery competition you can kill the competition owner and he will drop a bag with a silver arrow and treasure clue #4. This gives you the achievement as well as the treasure clue to get the frying pan. However this will make the Archery competition permanently unavailable.
  12. The website TrueAchievements has all achievements listed as unlocking for both players (If requirements are met, obviously). However all the achievements descriptions state 'Save file owner only'. tl;dr -See title
  13. Yeah this is a cool deal. Shame my 360 is only 120GB though
  14. Does anyone have gear for a lv 50 wizard or monk they can duplicate for me?
  15. Hey, Arsenic. I commented on one of your TA solutions RE damage score. Hope i made it clear
  16. How do i unlock 'Hero of Naboo'? I'm missing 6 stars, it's for the two levels which are on a different path. I need to find map pieces to unlock them? Where can i get them?
  17. Bad Piggies is another Rovio game, supposed to be released on W8 at some point.
  18. I have a fair amount of female friends. Some of them there is that sexual desire, and others there isn't currently, but has previously been. It's definitely true thatit's harder for a guy to be friends with a girl than it is for a girl to be friends with a guy
  19. What are the Pork levels? Are they essentially Bad Piggies with a Star Wars twist?
  20. I'd like to mention that your 'Player Progress' is read from your local memory, and no save info is stored online. So for some of the trickier achievements which require high tiers in a specific skill tree it is possible to duplicate/copy your game save to another device, reassign points and your original save won't be affected. Complete Achievement, and then switch back to your original save.
  21. I'm having trouble with Ukrainian job in under 35 sec. I rush the store, plant c4 and get Tiara first time, but always get to the van around 38 second mark?
  22. The latest level (Golden beach or w/e) does add score to the leaderboards, and i assumed it would count to the achievement. But reading this, perhaps not?
  23. Must just be the score that counts then
  24. There was an update on 6th Sept '13 which gave us a new level called Beach Volleyball. Making it easier for us to get the star and 17.5m score achievements.
  25. What skill tree would you recommend filling up first? Or what skills should i buy first?
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