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    Older Canadian gamer
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    Peterborough , Ontario, Canada
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    film, music, art, writing, collecting anything retro, travel, tv, games

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  1. Just started Doctor Sleep by Stephen King
  2. Gears of war 3 and for me personally Dead Rising
  3. Hey my name is Mark. Looking for other gamers to game or boost on xbox 360 and xbox one.. Im usually up late and live in Ontario, Canada, so if your looking for a friendly guy to game with or boost.. I'm your guy gamertag mymadhat2
  4. I love comparing with my friends who and how they got certain achievments and the feeling of getting the 100%
  5. Are the Cubbies going to finally do it this year
  6. Empire Strikes Back.. at the drive in
  7. I live in a small apartment and own a Kinect but it never works right. Should I buy the Zoom ?
  8. last 1000 FH2: Fast and Furious
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