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  1. Patched? Only received VC first time I completed the game.
  2. Weird. I created a new playlist with only DC3 songs and it worked. The old playlist must have been bugged OR you can only use dc3 songs.
  3. I've created a playlist several times that is over 15 minutes and played it through on every game mode, and this has not unlocked. What am I doing wrong?
  4. Do I need to follow the true end guide on my second playthrough (EXTRA mode) if I already got the true end on my first normal run?
  5. Antarctica wasn't too difficult. There was one night race map that took a couple tries, but I beat it once I put on the pulse goggles...
  6. Please add me: Mithris I'm easy to beat
  7. Anyone have any tips for get ur freak on? I don't have problems on any other songs, but on this one I'm consistently getting 90% nice and only 10% flawless. Has anyone else noticed a problem with flawless ratings on this song or is it just me not matching perfectly ?
  8. Asuka Nearly got all of the achievements in one sitting with her yesterday. Her various leg sweep combo are what I love about her.
  9. Just picked this game up a few days ago on sale for half price. Do you need to 5 star the Dcypher marathon mix to unlock this? I five-starred everything on easy if not. I guess that one song I got 4 stars on in medium needs to be 5 starred? EDIT: I played the song I 4*'ed on medium and got 4*'s again in perform it mode, but achievement popped.
  10. Looking for 5 other people to do "You fell into our trap". Tried it 10+ times but people keep leaving. XBL: Mithris
  11. Looking for 1up/hero feed help... just send me some scores to top XBL: Mithris Thanks
  12. Yea, I didn't create a new game. That's the requirement I didn't understand I needed to do, but I guess I'll be more careful in the future and watch this site:)
  13. I can't believe you don't get credit for clearing the game with a continue. I just beat Sith Master difficulty, and I am disappointed that the achievement didn't unlock. This seems like one of those achievements that punishes users who don't look up all the hidden requirements for the achievements on a site like this Jokes on me I guess--gotta play it through again... noooo! The game's fun, but some battles on Sith Master are tedious, like bull rancor.
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