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  1. Random Thought for the day for me: It's been almost 5 years since I last posted....and for whatever reason I decided to look through here and post again. Mostly a PS4 gamer now and probably PS5... but hopefully Xbox can sway me back
  2. I'm going to start using PS3T, I'll add you as a referral

  3. Lol, hey. My PS just got stolen when I moved back to Houston. I have an account on PS3T. I'll get one soon enough, send me your GT, or whatever you Sony boys call it.

  4. Back after x amount of months to say i'm super into anime again... and Erased is my favorite of the season. When I'm not watching that, catching up on everything on the past 2 years. Shirobako is my favorite so far... Ore Monogatari was awesome. Watching Hibke! Euphonium and damnit it looks amazing
  5. Man... the last few chapters are getting good. This last one especially (77 I think)
  6. Deng... been so busy lately I haven't had time for anything. If I ever get on again I'll hit you up, haha

  7. R.I.P, Scrubs! When you re-spawn, play some zombies with me!!

  8. Man, that sucks. I've done the whole 3-4 hours on the phone trying to get my account straight at least twice now.


    Funny though, I just got a PS4 4 months ago. Moved apartments and it got swiped. Craziness.

  9. Okay good, haha. I looked around and eveyrbody was saying it was unlocking around there. I'm at like 30 miles... so like 48 Kilometers
  10. Damn... haven't been here in a while, haha. I've been on and off with my anime... but I really want to start Steins Gate
  11. LoL... looking at my old posts 2 years later.... I was half right. Pac/May did end up happening, but at least May/Canelo happened 2013
  12. Been thinking of getting steam on my comp... and i'll give it a shot. Just hope it can run it
  13. LOL, been a while since I posted in these forums, so coming by to say how I'm doing... on the other side. Still only 1, nowhere near my 1k's.... but 1 away from Destiny (ghosts) and 1 from rocket league... that 500km is a biatch
  14. Hey, wassup?

    I recently made the hop over to PS4 sadly. For some reason, my 360 account got effed up and I can't get online with it anymore


    Tried fixing the region, but does nothing.... so might be getting an xbox one soon and see if that works

  15. Hey man, I haven't heard from you in a minute. Thought you gave up gaming.

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