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  1. I've completed all the tasks, multiple times, to get all available gold bricks in the DC adventure world but I am still missing a brick. Has anyone else had this problem and does anyone have a fix?
  2. i couldn't even get that far but it's fixed now, thanks
  3. In the Dalek Extermination of Earth how do I make the Tardis go back to to the Dr.'s lair? So I can time jump to the 1800's for my last three minikits here. Any help would be great.
  4. I'm missing like one or two kiosks per lvl. i need one photo, 4 races, 4 workers in peril, and they just aren't obvious that's why i could use some pics if anyone would be kind enough.
  5. Can someone please post a pic of the four hubs with all the map kiosks unlocked. I am missing some stuff and just dont know where to look anymore.
  6. After all the missions are done there is an additional cut scene of grant and sattler unearthing what looks to be an alien artifact. What is this referencing? The last time they did this a t-rex showed up in batman and we got a jurassic game.
  7. I need a few skins to complete my collection: Athena- Citrus Fade Nisha- forest green, high falutin', purple peace, where you indigo, dusty road, techno cowgirl, soft touch, and patterson's curse I have a bunch of lvl 60 legendaries to dupe as well as a lvl 60 ol' painful the mercenary day gun also does anyone know of a list of vehicle skins i'm trying to round those out too. GT=poetsoul
  8. I'm still looking for the heads that drop off bosses, the one from the machine, and any legendary skins. Any help would be awesome. GT=poetsoul
  9. Looking for 2 people to do the level 13 4 man achievement. I have one other who is in for 10pm est. thats east coast america. if tonight doesn't work let's plan for another night but ideally we'd like to do it tonight. On normal. just for speeds sake. my gamertag is poetsoul so just shout out online send a friend request with a message as to why so we can knock out this cheeve.
  10. I'm looking for the wilhelm heads that zarpadon supposedly drops and the one you get from machines. also looking for a blue or purple lvl 48+ ogre class mod as well as the legendary one. it's a shopping list i knoe but any help would be great. gamertag= poetsoul Golem not Ogre
  11. the zod pack may have screwed me as well. i can no longer get the online challenge of the day. no other explanations.
  12. So no one else is having any problems with the challenge uploading?
  13. My daily challenge has not updated since win 5 with Aquaman, has anyone else had this problem?
  14. There is an icon, backround, and portrait that unlock when you achieve 20 wins with all the ladies in the game. I have done this as I have unlocked the 25 win rewards for each of the girls, however the 20 win rewards did not unlock. I did not do Batgirl, does she count now? is anyone else having problems with this?
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