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  1. looking to get the Only A Real Master achievement, shouldn't take more than 5 minutes. Just hit me up with a message
  2. Does the Gridlock method still work after the update?
  3. If you build 2 barriers in the back of the room on the wall it causes the glitch for some reason.
  4. Yea totally agree. Being Australian myself I just now made a US Account and purchased via that way. kinda didn't want to resort to that but none the less will have it completed.
  5. Also remember, people stress about keeping up your combo, even if you don't get a high combo still complete the level - helps you remember where things are/ what you need to do a yway - some levels i had max 20 combo and still managed to easily meet the gold required
  6. Just gotten back into achievements and well xbox after a 2 year break from it. managed in 2 weeks to smash out the new Tomb Raider and Fallout 4 last night.
  7. The program gets me the file and it tells me i need to upload it to the site, after i upload it to the site im not prompted or there is no indication on what I do next just tells me to then download the file from their site which i cant find where or how to
  8. Can't tell if I'm missing something. I have a physical copy of Bioschok 2 installed fine on my W10 Operating system and all but when I start it it comes up with Release date check error. I've searched Google and found this: https://support.securom.com/pop_bioshock2.html Which tells me to go to http://www.digitalworksweb.com/securomsupport/index.php?id=11&L=0 I upload my ActivationRequest.dfa file but for the life of me cant find where I download the file afterwards? nothing comes up?
  9. 1. I don't think you can melee combat animals. 2. Yes enemies randomly respawn in areas if you fast travel between them
  10. Seems to happen if you shoot the lanterns with poison arrows regardless of the cards chosen.
  11. Just want to say , there are no missable achievements, some documents and reliecs sometimes dont appear on the map. AND i highly recommend looting EVERYTHING you see even if it takes you twice as long, i finished the game 100% , all tombs etc and was 7 coins short from buying my last supply weapon and had to run through a big part of the game just to find them
  12. Ive done about 24 gold medals with copying the leaderboard cards, hardly ever really have a good combo and i mostly domolish the gold score requirement. Lewie you are awesome! Haha If anyone is having trouble with the last level - temple of the souls I think? The person in the 1st position has poison arrows & die and restart but around 5th position theres a guy with explosive arrows and you can die, found it 10x easier to do it with his set as you can use the explosive arrows on the helicopter rather than shooting the fireball
  13. I just had trouble getting gold on this level without using the cards -.- the gold all levels will be a nightmare
  14. damn Time to go through every tomb again fml thanks
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