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  1. My chests will no longer open at all. I used my pick axe to destroy them, but now it won't let me put them down from my inventory!!! WTF?! I made new chests and it won't let me place those either. Is this game always this buggy?
  2. I was having problems with this one until I read this post. Thanks!!
  3. Don't suppose you've compiled a similar list to include combos as well? I know it has nothing to do with the achievement (which i managed to unlock both of...thanks for the help), but I just found it handy to have a complete list of the moves handy.. without having to pause the game all the freaking time.
  4. Hey there, I also managed to stay glitch free until last night. my LVL 61 soldier has had all his weapon proficiencies locked (as in..no amount of shooting anything will make them increase). I have played a considerable amount and this does really piss me off.
  5. By far my favorite was Final Fantasy X. Lots of hot semi-white Anime chickies!
  6. Have: Lucien, Theresa Need: the other ones I guess. I just want to borrow dolls to play with them for say..... 2 min! then I give them back if you want....Money anyone?
  7. is no one else having trouble with this STUPID chicken kicking flash game??! I've been at it for a half n' hour and I would much rather be playing... well....HOWBOUT Fable F*$#ing 2!!!
  8. Rainbow 6 online makes the Darkness look stupid by comparison! This is a shame because I had a lot of fun playing the solo mode... to me its like half a game!
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