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  1. This game is great. I like the graphics, enjoy upgrading my abilities, and don't mint the shortness of the episode - it is only $8 and Continue + is compelling to play with the upgrades and earn more. I am on my second playthrough and plan a third to snag the full 1000.
  2. I played through the game without a guide and netted all the story achievements and a few others. I then replayed select chapters to save the other brother and to make all peaceful/violent choices. At this point, I still was missing 11 achievements. Looking at the helpful guide listed in the achievement guide, I saw that a lot of stories I had missed were in Chapter 4. Not all of them, but quite a few. My tip is to replay this chapter methodically and take all the possible pictures and do all the available interactions. You won't even need a guide if you play through it slowly, and if you are like me, most of the remaining achievements will pop. I am now left with only 2 achievements to go - Pahlevoon the hero (never fail a fight/QTE) Namard: The Coward (Fully cooperate with Hajj)
  3. I played through #WarGames once. When I tried to load it again a couple of days later, it got stuck on the title screen. I tried all the usual things (manually quit the game, rebooted the Xbox, full shutdown and restart, deleted my save, and deleted the entire game and redownloaded it) but nothing works and the game still gets stuck on the title screen. Anyone else experience this or know of a a workaround?
  4. Having recently completed this game, I thought I would share a tip that might be helpful. I played through the game without worrying about achievements. I had peeked at a guide and saw that there was a free roam mode after completing the game. Sure enough, most of the achievements came naturally. After finishing the story, I was down to three achievements left to collect. Love Turts The Life and Times of Raccoon Carter Ol' Shoshone All three of these can be collected easily in free roam, and they are all close together. Make sure you have the axe before leaving the lookout post, and walk to the North East part of the map. (This is the order I got them, but you could probably be more efficient getting them in a different order.) The turtle is on a rock near some pine trees near cache 302, north-east of it South of this, the raccoon is in a stove in the basement of a run down cabin found near a run down outhouse where the trail splits to the east between the Thoroughfare Trail and Telephone text on the map The cassette is found in a clearing west of the raccoon behind some bushes and some limbs that need to be cleared with the axe Cheers!
  5. Hi KRS! You won April's AAA Giveaway! Please check and reply to the private message in your inbox and we'll get your copy of Sea of Thieves out to you ASAP! :)

  6. Gamertag: Bees Tea Boys Game: Sea of Thieves
  7. South Park: The Fractured But Whole GT: Bees Tea Boys
  8. KRS

    Speedreader tips

    Pausing the game stops the timer. So feel free to pause after getting a journal to consult your guide. Print out a list of the 24 items you are collecting. I found this faster than scrolling through them on my phone. I even edited the list down to be compact and bolded stuff like the room and which way to turn. Getting the ball from the garage can waste time if you miss. I found standing in front of the doorframe and aiming to the right of the ball worked for me. If I aimed right at the ball, the milk bottle would bounce off the beams. Get the attic key near the start of the run so that you don't have to put the ball down to get it later. And open the door that leads to the entranceway that is by the 'hallway couch' where you get a folder. Later on you will go through here carrying the ball. When dunking the ball in the Nerf hoop, stand directly in front of it, aim at the top of the hoop, and press A. The Meow journal takes a second to pop, so you might think you missed. The journal entry that comes from a show flyer is in a 'U' shaped room lined with bookshelves. The panel is in the far right corner. My first try I missed it and wasted some time checking other panels. You have to get right in front of it and pretty close to see it, kind of like the panel next to the stairs. The achievement doesn't pop until you are back at the menu screen. I took two tries to get the achievement since my first run was disorganized. Hopefully these tips can save someone ~10 minutes.
  9. The game is on sale this week for $12 USD. A far more appealing price than $39.99. Is it fun? I like a good point & click adventure, and the story sounds pretty cool. But the videos I watch didn't have me convinced.
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