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  1. whats your gamer tag for boosting on Star Wars

  2. Just don't do it. you have to come back to the TF 29 later from doing missions/side ops do it then
  3. Can some one help me get a 350m head shot with the l96, I got 317 and that took ages so some help would be very helpful.... Gamer tag is r8tb0y the 0 is the number
  4. i just had the same thing happen to me dose anyone know if ea/bioware know that there is this problem ?
  5. ok ive tryed soo many times to try and get overkill... i just cant seem to get it can 4 ppl ranked around 28 help me please GT: r8tb0y the o is the number in my name
  6. i'll help i only need one but dont mind helping
  7. ok im trying to get overkill with the language trick but need some ppl 2 help and i need vidmaster challenge: annual.... my skill level is 26 1. r8tb0y 2. 3. 4. 5.
  8. i need the overkill achievement can anyone help me ?
  9. i need the overkill achievement, i will help you if you can help me shadowr4ven
  10. you still need to boost on halo 3 DLC coz i will help if you can help me... plus i also have 4 controllers ?

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