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  1. If I start a game I will always finish the story and go for the 1000, really annoying the 0g games as I have 2 acounts and get games just show up that I. Not played and are on 0g 🙁
  2. Don't know if everyone who plays minecraft (does anyone even play anymore the forums seem dead)knows but this glitch is a great way to get stacks of decent stuff. When you go to trade let's say they want 17 coal for 1 emerald place one coal into your hotbar and put the rest back into your inventory and press a to trade, it will only take one coal, rinse and repeat 😀, the librarian will trade paper/book for an emerald, then a bookcase for emerald, so you can basically get unlimited bookcases etc etc, enjoy 😊
  3. Hi I have been working towards the 9 map achievement had 4 and was on 44% iv added the 5th and the % is still 44. I'm sure I have the hole map done. Anyone had this problem?
  4. I have on a rail if anyone needs it, have all single player achievements bar 3, can help anyone if they need anything just send me a message on Xbox 👍
  5. I played BOTS on my old account and really liked it everyone else hated it lol, on the final mission after an hour of trying I finished it but my game crashed and didn't get the achievement so had to do it again. Could never find anyone online tho and that was 3 years ago 😂
  6. Thanks for reply I do have friends that play but there not really into achievements, I added stalion and maka so hopefully the will have created some
  7. I have voted for 4, bucket list ain't as bad as FH2. Having trouble on the 65mph medium bucket list that's about it so far.
  8. Don't know if I'm missing something obvious but I can't find these and it won't let me click browse. Anyone know how to get these up?
  9. Confirmed after completing the 2nd round the other round 1 achievement unlocked
  10. Is there an achievement for winning round 2 as there is 2 for winning the 1st round, after I completed round 1 only 1 unlocked, maybe the name of the achievement is wrong?
  11. I don't even know what games are coming out in October lol I will be getting mafia when I have finished up the last few achievements iv got left and the dlc for goat simulator. Oh and call of duty for the cod4 for old times sake, oh I'm from the uk btw.
  12. Hello, ustd the site for years, made a new Xbox acount as my children and friends play on mine. Trying to 100% everything I play now have finished Rory mcilroy recently finally got the 350 stars. Most of the games I have done so far are [email protected] games but looking to get into some longer harder games soon, looking forward to playing mafia
  13. Ok thanks will have a look , I think it may be the games I finished on Windows phone as they don't come up on my list anymore except for what in the world that has disappeared since the last time I looked.
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