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  1. I'm having the same problem. I load the story mode and then switch to the online mode via the d-pad and all I get is a black screen (no loading symbol or anything). It's been on here for a while and it's annoying. I know my Xbox didn't freeze since the guide works fine.
  2. My apologies if my instructions were ambiguous (they made perfect sense to me though). Steps to get two perks: 1. Go through the mansion on a perk round (can tell if the windows are lit up) 2. Right before killing the last witch, throw your timebomb down 3. Kill the last witch, DON'T pick up the perk bottle yet 4. Go back in time, pick up the perk bottle. 5. Kill the last witch again to get another perk bottle. If this doesn't work, then it was patched.
  3. To get two perks using a time bomb, you put the time bomb right before you kill the last witch on a perk round. Then you kill the last witch, go back in time and pick up the perk bottle (which persists through time travel). Then kill the last witch again and get another perk bottle.
  4. The doors do change each time you leave the area and come back to it, which basically amounts to different doors being opened/closed. However, there should always be a path to to fountain or PaP no matter what formation is chosen. Although that path doesn't have to be straight forward...it is still a maze. For what it's worth, if you have the Paralyzer/Petrifier, you can just fly over the closed doors.
  5. Here is a useful image for completing the code on the roof. It basically just directly translates them for you so you have to do much work: http://i.imgur.com/dVtNaBU.jpghttp://
  6. I want to go for the Shangri-La easter egg achievement sometime. I am pretty good at zombies and have gotten pretty far in the easter egg before so I am familiar with it. I also need to get the Moon achievement where you are trapped in the middle with the two excavators going off (I think it's One Giant Leap or something). Just send me a message if you're interested. GT: ry8an25oliver93
  7. I don't think most players understand its meaning though.
  8. I don't think so but if you go into the mansion, he might drop it.
  9. One could just as easily say that spending extra time going for achievements is "pathetic", which is a bit ironic considering the site we're on. Let people enjoy themselves how they see fit.
  10. Here are a list of some of the cool things that 'The Giant' (not sure what his official name is...) can do that you may not be aware of. -Give him candy near the Mystery Box, he'll punch it and it will stay there for the entire game -Give him candy near a Mystery Box spawn and he'll run and put the box there -Give him candy near a crawler and he'll pick it up and carry it around for you. Shoot him to make him kill it. (Note: Everyone going in the Mansion may cause him to drop it) -Give him candy near a powerup and he will randomly change it to something else -Give him candy by a workbench and he will go and randomly build something or finish whatever was built there -Give him candy after you hit the box while near the box, he will reroll the box for you for free -Give him candy near a Subsurface Resonator without a Turbine and he'll go and bring back one -Knifing him makes him run faster for a short period -Give him candy near chalk and he will randomly place the chalk on an open spot (you won't get the points for it though) And you all probably already know that giving him Booze will cause him to charge to open certain barriers (the amount of money received is proportional to the distance you make him charge), and giving him candy normally just causes him to kill zombies and follow you (those Zombies don't count towards ending the round though) I think those are most of the uses. If you can think of anymore, please post them.
  11. I remember when I first did the easter egg, word was that no one in the party can have done it before or you cannot do it. Is that correct or is it more nuanced? I asked since I already have the achievement and I want to do it again but I want to do Richtofen's side instead of Maxis's. It's more difficult but there is a bonus if you have completed the previous easter eggs with the same path on Buried.
  12. Aside from remembering where you dropped it, it's worth mentioning that every round you can get one free booze (sometimes round one gives you two). Once you use your first one, you are able to buy it at the register. If you can't buy it then either no one has picked it up, someone has picked it up, or someone has dropped it picking up another item. I think the same applies to the candy.
  13. I am attempting Awaken the Gazebo solo and the mansion part is fairly annoying. The first time I got hit by a witch that spawned in a location different than his video. The second time, I had enough for a PDW and attempted shooting them but it made one of them spawn behind me causing me to loose points. I am just going to try to dodge them without a weapon. On my third try, I got it. I used his path but bought a PDW and only used it a few times against the witches as I was leaving. I also killed all them after I got out of the house so they don't surprise me in the maze.
  14. A similar thing happened to me, eventually it returned to normal but took a while. I noticed that if you stand get really close to the mansion but don't go it (while near the maze), zombies will start spawning slowly.
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