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  1. Ok thanks. I will check for it in the morning.
  2. Sorry should have mentioned the last two characters in name are zeros and a nine for the "G"
  3. I would like to join xba guild. Code is BU9AB00 I try to play everyday, and am only level 39 so I should be playing for a long time.......
  4. Army of Two: The 40th Day already has one 10G achievement unavailable on all versions. See this thread.... http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=299871
  5. You missed a word off your statement. "He never did anything...productive"
  6. Nice to see this thread updated. Good job. Not sure if anyone else thinks it is a good idea or not but I would like to see a (Kinect only) tag behind the Kinect games if possible. Don't have a Kinect sensor and have no desire to get one, so it would be nice to see at a glance which titles to ignore altogether. Again thanks for the update!
  7. canadabug

    Game Availability

    WRC 3 needs to be added to the PAL exclusive list. I don't believe it is being released in North America.
  8. Just wondering.....If you get 4 players together in the same ranked match all boosting using the build/rebuild method, will the game end itself at some point? Or will the same game continue until all 4 players can get the 1K VP Point achievement? edit: nevermind, figured it out. Played with my main and 3 dummy accounts for over 4 hours and none were disconnected until my main got the achievement and then built settlements to the required 10VP win condition.
  9. If you guys don't want input, then close the thread. Thank you. I won't bother you in future.
  10. You can delete posts as much as you like (I realize most of what you deleted was just childish bickering) but it doesn't change the fact that "Game of Thrones", which is stackable, doesn't appear in the list or the change log.
  11. I have had good success with the company in this ebay listing.... http://www.ebay.com/itm/BIOSHOCK-XBOX-360-SPIEL-OVP-ANLEITUNG-DEUTSCHE-VERSION-NEUWERTIG-/310503454542?pt=DE_PC_Videospiele&hash=item484b72b74e next-gen-games is located in Germany and are one of the few sellers who will ship internationally. I live in Canada and have bought Bioshock, and Saints Row 1 & 2 from them with no problems. Not sure if they have the Wanted game, but you should be able to access their store through the link above. Good luck.
  12. Since this thread hasn't had an update since December I would assume it is back to its previous dead status. Shame, it was a really useful resource.
  13. canadabug

    Game Availability

    I have never been able to find WRC 2 in NTSC format, only PAL.
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