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  1. Thankyou very much, your guide was excellent and so was this game!
  2. Are some characters different? i have the woman fully upgraded and she seems to die much quicker than the guy to her left who is only half upgraded? Plus i saw someones video and he had about 85 Rifle bullets in a clip and i only have 45(ish)
  3. What's the estimated time to complete just the levels without the points grind? Can i get most of the achievements within 2 hours?
  4. thanks. Done now apart from 90% on secrets and 'the big 3'. They can wait, i doubt i'm going to uninstall it anytime soon.
  5. Is there a final Energy Cell in Mount Horu, i hope so because i have all the others and i can't remember if there was one in Ginso Tree.
  6. Thanks, i went back and checked Valley of the Wind and there's 2, 1 for Forlorn and one for Valley. One in the little cubby hole above the Valley of Winds map stone and one at the base of the main area in a secret cove to the left.
  7. At the start of the Forlorn Ruins there is a hidden area to the top left of the first spider you meet, it has an exp orb in there.
  8. Where is the Map Stone for Forlorn Ruins, can't for the life of me find it.
  9. yeh i agree, i got the medal for Titan Triple kill with super. So i definitely got a triple kill, but it definitely wasn't 3 different classes. I was trying to suggest that it has to be 3 different classes. And i aint gonna read the WHOLE thread as i just assumed it was the exact back and to we just had, of someone saying i did this and this did or did not happen and someone correcting them. The cycle continues, bless the Traveler.
  10. I've only ever witnessed it on Earth and at Skywatch. I've never seen it on the moon and I spend a lot of time on the moon, running chest loot circles, missions and public events because i enjoy it and i needs the Helium in my life. Helium is life, Helium is love.
  11. I did this with Titan super on my 2nd game, Medal popped up but no achievement, I even logged out and back in and still nothing. There were no Titans on the opposing team (as my Titan kill bounty never went up). So i think it still needs to be one of each flavour Guardian. Blade dancer seems the way to go for this or maybe Titan with shockwave.
  12. wait? Borderlands has a story? It's not even that looty of a loot game, very solid shooter mechanics though.
  13. I'm with Maka, i didn't even notice the hype, just knew it was space, shooting, looting and coop. I'm in.
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