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  1. When you say 'sprint at the goalie' is there a button for sprinting?
  2. Aerial Threat and One-Two Master I am having the most trouble with. Can never seem to get the pass to return to me right away like suggested.
  3. Thanks for the guide, but do you have any tips for those of us that don't have touch devices and are using the keyboard? Some of the commands are a bit different than the touch gestures.
  4. Yeah, I eventually came to that conclusion as well. I just figured that each of the other themes had an achievement tied to each of their two bonus modes and thought it would be pointless to have Wild Fish NOT have one as well. The best I've done is 8 wilds in Deep Dive and I've entered that mode hundreds of times now. Very frustrating. I have the worst luck ever.
  5. I ended up getting the treasure chest even though I kept getting +1 spins. I just got lucky and 2 or more turtles came several spins in a row. It's totally luck based so just keep at it. The achievements I have no idea how to get are for 10 winning spins in a row and the 10 Wilds in one spin. Apparently no one has the latter yet. I'm not sure if it needs to be done with the Wild Fish or in the Deep Dive mode. I've had two Wild Fish come at once and take up two reels (assuming that counts as 6 wilds) and then had a couple more wilds on the screen during my spins but never 10 total. Hopefully someone finds out what needs to be done soon. I wanna complete the game on the 5th day when I get my bonus as the last achievement.
  6. I've set up a session for January 5th if anyone is interested in boosting a few simple achievements in Gears of War for GFWL. Here's the link. http://www.trueachievements.com/gamings ... nid=273568
  7. I've set up a session for January 5th if anyone is interested in boosting a few simple achievements in Gears of War for GFWL. Here's the link. http://www.trueachievements.com/gamings ... nid=273568
  8. You can buy it from the GFWL Marketplace for $20. That is probably the cheapest you'll find it. Also, before you ever boot up the game to play that you install the Title Update 3 file or you will have a hell of a time getting it to run. I've encountered ever issue imaginable when installing the game and can offer tons of pointers if you ever need any assistance. I don't check these forums much so hit me up on Live if you have any further questions.
  9. The easiest one I do with high level gear in my guard towers is Take Them Under Your Wing (or something similar) for the Greek civ. The quest is for guarding an Adviser Hall for 10 minutes with nothing but Guard Towers. You can get the quest from the Scout next to your Palace. Additionally to stack quests you can get the Keeping Control quest from Troy for killing 20 Elites. Since you're playing on elite difficulty for the first quest every unit attacking will be elite. Both are repeatable every 12 hours. I do them daily for a little extra coin and crap gear that I sell off for a little more coin.
  10. I spent the majority of my time in the half pipe doing a ton of grabs, spins, and specials and barely made the point requirement but on my way I'd usually do a flip trick into a manual at the start and then take the right ramp and do another flip trick before grinding the pipe. Coming off the pipe another flip trick and try to land on the grinding spot below and then another flip trick off into a manual again and ride it to the wall ramp where I'd do a flip and then a grab. After landing that you should have had a a 9 or 10x multiplier and around 50k or more off the start. After that I tend to bypass everything else and do straight for the half pipe. I'm also not very good at this particular level but this is what worked for me and just one of several options. Hope it was any help.
  11. I was wondering the same. This is my first experience with Kinect.
  12. Pretty sure I paid $40 for the launch pack which included Greek, Egyptian, and Defense of Crete. Now 8 months later you can get all that for $15? WTF? It just doesn't pay to be an early adopter anymore.
  13. :) I know you asked about my signature like 4 years ago, but I just wanted to thank you for your interest!
  14. I'm on right now and will be for the next couple of hours until I finish all single player achievements in this game if anyone wants to hit me up to boost the online ones. GT= Facial La Fleur
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