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  1. The grips peeling off was one of the issues my original one had also, as well as the bumpers snapping in the middle and the thumbsticks becoming incredibly loose, basically all starting to occur right after the 1 Year store warranty had ran out (Go figure) How do you find the dome sticks? My concave ones are still in perfect condition, but there's something about the domes i can't quite put my finger on that i find a lot more comfortable to use then either the short and longer concaves.
  2. That is what i thought as well, though i have found a lot of conflicting information basically stating that in store warranty is trumped by ACCC laws. I'd be a lot angrier at the situation if i was left control-less for the period without my elite, but thankfully i have a standard control bought back in 2013 that is still going strong with no issues. Crazy to me that something half the price and of supposedly less quality outlasts what is meant to be a premium product.
  3. I first tried going to EB games but they told me there was nothing more they could do for me and that i had to go through microsoft.
  4. Well that makes me feel a lot better, 2 is nothing in comparison to that! Don't get me wrong, i love the control and going back to a standard one is never a fun time, just wish these theyd sort these problems out properly instead of sending out the same faulty remotes over and over again.
  5. Just wanting to gauge what everyone's experiences have been like with the Xbox Elite Controller. I recently sent my original one i purchased for a replacement as it had basically fallen apart after just over a year. 2 Weeks later i received my brand new replacement and was stoked. Was an easy process to go through and just had to put up with a standard controller in the interim. Until problems arose again today that is. I've gone to play for the day to find that now all single button presses are being registered as 2-4 presses at a time, and toggling between control setup 1 and 2 makes the controller practically unusable. The same problem also occurs on the thumbsticks. I've already spoken to support, and have had another replacement ticket opened up, but will be without the control again for at least another 2 weeks minimum. What has everyone elses experiences been like dealing with these same issues? I'd expect a lot more out of a controller worth $200 (AUD), and to be sent another controller that is just as, if not more unplayable then the one originally sent in just doesn't seem good enough to me.
  6. So have recently come back to finish grinding out proofs to finish the darkmoon covenant and get my 100% completion, though am having constant connection issues. Every 20 to 30 minutes I will receive the "A network error occurred, returning to main menu" error. Previous to this I have racked up close to 200 hours of game time without any problem, and am having zero issues playing any other games online except dark souls 3. has anyone else experienced this issue or have any solutions as to how to fix it? Thanks!
  7. Im up for some boosting expecially these christmas cheevos. Gamertag is Sir Buzzington Send a message anytime
  8. WWE Legends was my last 360 title i think
  9. Is this still a thing? If so my GT Is Sir Buzzington and i have added you
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