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  1. I'm asking if it ruins the gameplay for the person doing the glitch. Just in case it detracts from key parts of the game later on? It's just a question mate .....
  2. Just wondering if you guys find that having lots of money detracts from the enjoyment of the game, as a whole? Edit: WOW, first post in over 3 years!
  3. You have far too much time and money haha.
  4. Due to recent problems it was pushed back to the 17th http://www.arcgames.com/en/games/xbox/neverwinter/news/detail/9444183
  5. That's a shame, this site has always been a dictatorship from the admins/mods. If you have any space in your guild or know any, send me a PM or reply HERE on reddit.
  6. It's seriously against the rules? Wow +1 to TA. I've opened a thread on reddit, hopefully that yields some positive results. if you would like to play at all here is my info. [email protected] L J EDM
  7. Thanks for the info, I'm a TR. I'm now looking for a guild to join to do some dungeons with. It's a bit disheartening when you need better gear and experience but arrnt given the opportunity to aquire it.
  8. I'm not a bad player, I deal the highest amount of damage usually. Yet when I try and play dungeons like the mad dragon I am kicked as soon as I enter, what gives? and how can I reduce this.
  9. I'm up to mission 6 LASO if anyone wants to join me.
  10. I'm stuck at: Click on VILLAGE. - "I'll go get a crew and a ship and go rescue her!" Walk to dock. Walk to cliffside. Walk to path When i go to the village i get no dialogue and don't know how to get to the docks. EDIT!! It was because I hadn't fought the swordmaster, so make sure you have learnt at least 12 insults and beaten 4 pirates to challenge her. (basically do what the guide says) Great guide
  11. I'm looking for pets and weapons, also help to build a hellevator. I have access to quite a lot of items including armour sets and so forth. Message me if interested GT: xSCAR xTiSSUEx
  12. Happy Christmas my friend!!

  13. At which point did he say that this site isn't a competitor? I think you're making too many negative assumptions here. Both sites have their own pros and cons, one is more forum based and the other is more about stats.
  14. They sent me out a replacement via their advanced exchange program, it doesn't look new and its louder than the one it was meant to replace.
  15. Hmm, I guess all the ones I've had have not been what they should be like then. May I ask when you got yours and if it was kinect free? Still feel kinda like an ass returning them time and time again, just to wait like 5 hours for it to update.
  16. A few people say silent, however I have been through three and all of them had had varying degrees of sound I believe the one I have now is the quietest but even still it's not "silent" there's a constant sort of fizzy can sound.
  17. Cool trailer. I would suggest that you make a thread dedicated to trailers and merge all of your existing ones, it would de-clutter the forum and may even be stickied.
  18. ring her at night? she only answered me at night.
  19. I've looked everywhere but it doesn't seem like any edition other than standard has been releases for the Xbox 360 in the UK. If I am wrong could you please let me know, thanks.
  20. I do, Since joining GhostBusters, I get half a level at least, sometimes three quarters a day at level 29
  21. If your friends are good, you could get that rank back in a few days
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