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  1. Cheers for the info. Good to hear they should be live in time. Mine will be here tomorrow. Looking forward to going caveman for a few hours.
  2. They should all sync up fine, yeah. How are you finding the game so far? Fun?
  3. I was thinking it kind of odd they weren't up yet either. Should be sorted for Tuesday though I hope. Quite pleased with what I've seen of the game so far too. Shame the forums here have been so quiet of late.
  4. Thanks so much for this post. I didnt have to use the glitch but I can explain what is happening that makes it appear to glitch. If you go into the parking area and take the road underneath, it actually leads to a laser guarded room with the brick in it. What is confusing is that there is also a gold brick under the gold plate directly above the room, making it look like it's glitched. Thankfully, your post made me go back into the game and check for that room you mentioned. I am very grateful for you posting this. Thanks so much. With this info combined, this should help anyone else with the same problem.
  5. That's the exact one mate, yes. I melted the gold plate and dropped down to get the brick. It popped up on screen I picked it up but the icon didn't disappear and today, after doing everything else in Manhattan, I am 1 gold brick short of 140 and the icon is still there but in the bricks place is a purple stud, indicating the brick has been collected.
  6. Got hit with exactly the same glitch I did in Lego Jurassic. I picked up one of the gold bricks hidden under a gold destructable and it popped up as saving but didn't credit me with he gold brick and has left the icon on the map. When I go back there after a reboot, it only shows a purple stud so I am unable to re-collect the brick. This completely cock blocks my 100%. Anyone else encounter this?
  7. For "Ripperologis" you need the following :- 100% sync in all story missions 100% in all side missions All glitches, chests and illustrations. The collectables also include the ones in the story missions.
  8. I've taken all those precautions and it still does it. Even have all autosaves turned off as this was another thing in past games that liked to cause this problem. Sadly it will happen whatever you do. Just take Floyd's advice and manually save then quicksave. That has covered me every time so far and since turning autosaves off, the corruptions have been far less frequent.
  9. Nick, X6-88 and Deacon all like hacking.
  10. I haven't shelved it yet so much as not even installed it due to these problems. At this point, even if it's patched, it might be too late for me. Getting sick and tired of games shipping like this and patches that are required to even play a game out the box these days. Think I'll go back to pong, at least that fucking works. ping pong ping pong
  11. How in God's name can these be glitched? The sheer incompetence of programming here is off the scale. Coding those to unlock is literally the most simple thing possible.
  12. That's good to know and I stand corrected. Thank you for the clarification.
  13. The DRM line is more aimed at the PC version to be fair. Playing offline, as far as I was told, caused the in game map to not work which is kinda fundamental in an open world sandbox yeah? If I am wrong on this, please accept my apology, I was clearly talking out of my arse and am quite happy to take back what I said. I still don't think that this game needs any kind of server connections though, just like the Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect and Dragon Age games. Just my opinion.
  14. Thank you so much for the response. This is exactly what I wanted to hear
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