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    I love unicorns and Justin Timberlake.

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  1. I wasn't going to complain until I saw this whiny little rant. Hey, I have a life too guy. Thanks for your incredible contribution to this thread, unlike the OP. Thanks for making me waste 20 seconds out of my god damn life you jerk face. I had to read your entire post, with my life. That is also busy. *smile face that makes everything alright* Otherwise, thanks for your opinion. And no, this isn't a vote for you to not stop being a douche, I think you should. *innocent smile face*
  2. Thank god! You just made my day. I had actually given up on this achievement until I read this post!
  3. I've done each of the cow and corset spinners 2-3 hours each (while watching movies, working, etc.) over the course of the last several months. Still nothing. This is BS. I think the game hates me.
  4. Is that your subtle way of saying that he actually didn't try hard enough... or possibly, at all?
  5. Don't listen to this guy. Always let the alcohol affect your gaming. It's so much more enjoyable.
  6. Wow major bumpage. I personally enjoy this mode, just wish there were more people playing it... It might be easier to get the achievement if we had more participants.
  7. I have Garth dolls for trade. I need anything but Garth, Theresa and Hammer. GT is JVinz. Send me a message if you want to trade.
  8. Frank West. Maybe just a brief appearance. Or as an unlockable character.
  9. o_O I thought that is exactly what the egg glitch is, isn't it? At least that's what I'm doing. By following the guide, 45 eggs in 1min.
  10. I placed a pre-order from a seller on eBay and actually received it on Friday. Even though the auction stated that it would arrive on 3/3. Sufficed to say I left a very glowing positive feedback.
  11. For the black boxes you just have to search around the level it seems. But I haven't found a skull. Do these require a specific difficulty level or special requirements?
  12. Actually, if you own the retail version, you can start playing it on live right now. MS has only ever banned consoles that played illegal copies early.
  13. Quick babelfish translation: "When the part of the simultaneous destructive stage 1 boss is turning, it destroys, appears 2 hyper items" I'm about to try this game out. So maybe I'll see if I can figure out what that means.
  14. If you are referring to the "Save Your Quarters" achievement. Then yes.
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