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    I am a 29 year old female that has 2 sons (9 and 3). I love playing my Xbox 360 & love to boost!
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    Pottstown, PA
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  1. Looking to boost all DLC achievements that I don't have. Have 4 controllers that can be used to help out. Message me on Live.... LadybugLuvnChic
  2. Whatever is locked, just go into that section and drive around and find the particular area that you are looking for/need. I only had the first one for Australia and Iceland unlocked and that is what I did for the remaining 2 in each section
  3. Yay! After many tries I finally got the achievement. Apparently the person has to beat your whole race time, not lap time, not wheelie distance, and not drift distance. Basically I used my husband's account to beat my whole race time, and then I came back on my account and beat the race time I set one his. Bam achievement unlocked!!
  4. I have beat the same challenge more than 10 times and each and every time after beating the time and saving my information to the leaderboards, it still pops up with a message telling me I have a new challenge. When I go into the challenge screen, it's still the same challenge that I have beaten numerous times and may I add have blown out of the water as far as the time is concerned. I have even tried to use each and every single bike that there is in case that had something to do with the achievement to no avail. I am lost. This really stinks. They shouldn't put a game out for free if they can't even fix the bugs/glitches this game has. I am going to try and give it a go with one of my kids accounts later who hasn't played much of the single player career and I am just hoping that by some stroke of luck I not only am able to beat one of my times on my kids account and then be able to beat that time on my account. Hopefully it works. I would really like to get the achievements points before the DLC content was added
  5. Interested in getting the 2 online achievements for this game. Please add me! LadybugLuvnChic
  6. I'd be interested in helping you guys out. I just need the wins on the maps and the panic slaps, but would be willing to help with whatever you need.
  7. I have 2 gamertags that need the win an online achievement. I can sign both into a match at the same time on Live, but only my 1st controller gets the achievement, so I would need to play 2 different games to ensure I get both, so I am willing to help 2 people or if one person would be able to help us with both, that would be great! LadybugLuvnChic on live
  8. I have access to 4 xbox live gamertags. Please count at least 2 of them in
  9. I have 4 accounts that can be signed into live to help with this achievement. Feel free to message me on live... LadybugLuvnChic Thanks
  10. I have 2 accounts (2 different people) that need the host a 16 player match... message me if interested or are setting up a game.
  11. I'm just hoping they stick to the clean lap over the dirty lap rule. The Kinect achevo was really stupid. Literally just start the race and it pops. We have a Kinect and hardly use it. Not work the money for them IMO.
  12. I read on all the other forums that a clean lap time always beats a dirty lap time. Is it true? I haven't played any racing games in a while and just posted a 1:55 clean lap and I'm wondering if that beats his 1:51 dirty lap time. Please let me know. Thanks.
  13. so does a clean lap of 1:55 beat his dirty lap?
  14. I managed to complete Invisible Threat by myself, and I would recommend doing it that way. It was far much easier. With that being said, the ones that I am looking to complete are Server Crash, Smack Town, and Flood the Market. I do have a mic. Let me know if you are willing to help. Thanks **update just completed Server Crash after doing the same mission over and over numerous times!**
  15. Does anyone still play this game and want to boost some achievements?
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