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  1. Servers aren't down for me but i still wanna bash the game and it's glitchiness
  2. Ok so i've beaten the game on hard, wasn't really enjoyable, i began skipping cutscenes and just wanted it to be over. I know i gotta do at least 1 more full run on hardcore which won't be hard but damn it's gonna be boring. I played between 5-10 online games and again that's pretty bad, yes i like call of duty and battlefield but this game just seems so simple online, Knowing where my enemy is all the time as i see them around corners and through walls just seems pointless. I imagine the grind for all the achievements will be pretty dull
  3. this probably works on other doors also but on the last mission you breach a door and there is like 6 guys, it glitched on me and i died even if i killed them all but i found a way around it. As soon as you breach hold up on your right stick and shoot only the guy directly in front of you and the one behind him who comes through another door. Keep holding up the whole time and sprint through the door. Take a left anf drop down, this will prevent the deaths and allow you skip this part. Most likely will work on any breach where you have a door to exit through
  4. ok so i discovered my game is bugged, when i breach i die even if i kill everyone, i have died literally 50+ times now and been at this door for more than 1 hour. fucking garbage game is garbage
  5. fuck the last mission, i breach a door about halfway through with 6 guys and like 1 second to kill them, Fucking bullshit
  6. Not sure what buttons you been pressing but try pressing Back and AXBY at same time, i know one of these will skip cos i been doing in on every cutscene and im on my first playthrough, i have no interest in the story for anything but achievements
  7. That was definitely a glitch, i beat PT1+2 on all 5 classes and never experienced this
  8. I still prefer non elemental. I put out that much damage that i just destroy everything in seconds anyways (No not with the bee) Using an element just means i with end up coming across enemies with resistance
  9. I honestly do see the reasoning behind this but why not just keep "You are cordially invited and kill flesh stick" 130 kills X 6k+ exp will probably take less time than turning in all of them quests and will work out pretty much the same as what you have, also flesh stick can help 3 friends out at the same time. After how much time and effort you have put into this game though and all the testing and farming you have done i have but 1 question. Who is your main character and what is your current Badass rank
  10. Yeah you can do that you just cant put any points in the skill next to it which decreases mag size
  11. Yesterday i got hit by this but not to the extreme, I got killed and couldn't respawn and was just lying there dead till i got kicked to the menu. After this everything was normal and even now it still is normal. However i helped a friend beat Hyperius and he died just as Hyperius went down, He was hosting the game and couldn't respawn so got kicked to the menu making me lose connection to his game. Loaded back up and it was fine, we went and beat hyperious again and this time it all worked out well. We both came off the game and about an hour later he loads it back up to find his character is gone. Also has the lovely Graveyard.Sav in this saves
  12. I never said matchmaking i said quick match, I also said it should work as i t has for me but i don't expect it to everytime
  13. Im just kinda confused why you said apart from the wiki, the below link has tons of them listed. Other than that though im not aware of any http://borderlands.wikia.com/wiki/Special_Weapon_Effects_Borderlands_2
  14. No. However if you have a dlc quest active and hit quick match you SHOULD be put into a game on the dlc
  15. No reason to be so hostile about it OT: Thanks for the info, i wasn't aware of this and one of my friends got hit by this bug and he can't connect to me cos of his super-bad connection so this should help him out EDIT: Scrap that his save just got corrupted, bad news this it
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