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  1. I got the same impression as you, Connor says to him about just climbing the roof and the other guy says no use the underground which he should show you to now. I did the same as you, bit confusing.
  2. Would be nice for it to come back but at the same time knowing nothings going on sale means i can buy whatever now.
  3. Ive been holding the back button after almost every move now lol Managed 35 golds now, not looking forward to 37 though D: Well made it to 37... think ill just leave the game there, the hell
  4. Im upto 31 golds... shit they're getting hard.
  5. Sure you've got them all in a rampage event?
  6. You'll want to keep an eye on https://twitter.com/#!/NFSDrew there have been calls for race day 1 and they have planned to do it but not decided when yet.
  7. Yup still available right now, jsut race online in a RANKED match. Look for active race days from the race day map.
  8. Drew has said it is unlikely CRD2 will stay on until the server close, they want CRD1 to be on before the closure.. but wethere thats true or not
  9. No clue, i tweeted to see if race day 1 would come back at all and no reply yet
  10. The TA community has manged to get the race day 2 achievement switched on! go go go http://www.trueachievements.com/forum/viewthread.aspx?threadid=2114706 Note race day 1 is now OFF
  11. Here's how i did it [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l93jyBFPHNc]Awesome Drift Achievement - YouTube[/ame] Not all that hard. Of course can always do it the proper way with a drift tune.
  12. Could have the same in dirt 2, there were more options too.
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