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  1. Anyone fancy horde? Add me... Hufflehoudini
  2. Sorry I'm new to this whole forum thing, I feel like such a tit aha
  3. I figured it out aha thank you
  4. Does anyone still play multiplayer on these games? There are achievements (all the multiplayer ones) I need and could do with some help, hmu😜
  5. I'm 21 and I'm pretty new to Xbox live
  6. Looking for players who want to help me get the last two achievements I need, my boyfriend (REA SplicedUp) needs them also, so he's definitely in... I need Aqua Incognita and Territorial, hmu👌🏻
  7. I'm struggling to get all the Fable Anniversary Achievements, I was wondering if anyone could suggest a decent walk-through/guide?
  8. Major fan of Bioshock (2K in general) and Fallout, love RP games, love achievements. Currently playing Prey and Fable. Follow me on Xbox live or feel free to message me:)
  9. Anyone want to let me know how I can allow my achievements and games to show on here?
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