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  1. Looking for 2 more people to do all the heists in the Japanese version of the game. I have a friend who will be doing these at the same time as me hence why we only need 2 more people. We've already run through the hesits in other versions of the game multiple times so we're well versed in what to do. Send me a message if interested
  2. Does'nt seem to be working for me. I have completed the wp8 version and cannot seem to import my progress. I did however play the w8 game at the same time and have noticed that on the phone, I am told I have 2 saves which, when logging into Facebook, it asks me which one I would like to use (the phone or w8 verion) It seems that it recognises any progress made on w8 when logging in on the phone but not vice versa.
  3. Hmm..I'll try that then. sounds like the update cured the problem. Thanks guys :-)
  4. Anyone else had this or know of a way to resolve the problem? My Internet connection is fine so I know that is not what's at fault. The game loads but when you click sign in, you're presented with this error message....
  5. Same here, Lumia 920 getting red hot whilst playing. Also does it when playing Asphalt 7 "Heat" ;-)
  6. Also looking to boost. Message me if interested.
  7. Thanks ZombieFan. Just to confirm you CAN play Real Racing 2 on the 710 as I checked on a handset in a CEX store where the assistant coincidentally had the same phone. I'm thinking there must be some sort of restriction currently in place on the 620
  8. Thanks for that however I'm a little confused as the 620 and 710 both have 512mb of ram and the 710 runs windows 7.5 whereas the 620 runs windows 8. Both phones also seem to have similar spec so I can only assume there is some sort of restriction on the 620
  9. Hi All, I know the above game is currently only available on Nokia handsets but my question is, which of the Nokia phones actually run this game ? I know the Lumia 920 does and that the 620 doesn't but which others work ? does it work on the 710 ? Thanks
  10. So reading these posts and going by my own experiences, it seems to be that it's the Nokia phones which are suffering with crashing. I have a Lumia 920 and my game has just crashed and now I can’t play it at all. I have also read reviews for this and other games [Hydro Thunder most recently] on the Windows Marketplace via the phone and most people who have issues have one of the Nokia phones. I'm just interested to know whether other people have had issues with this and other games but don't own a Nokia.
  11. I have also experienced this however I don't believe I am able to make my Gameloft username the same as my Xbox live tag as it contains a space [ which is disallowed when creating a Gameloft account ].
  12. I have found that doing the gold time trials has helped with winning in career mode as you learn the quickest route for each course thus being able to use it to your advantage. unmatchedskills has made a video guide for the time trials in the 'Time Trials - Tips & Tricks' thread which should assist for the best routes to take.
  13. I have noticed the exact same thing. It would appear that at times winning is a certainty. You can easily win and stretch out quite a considerable lead thus winning effortlessly. Then all of a sudden without warning, the opponents are super difficult to beat and you're lucky to finish in the top 8 and get bombarded by weapons throughout the race. I also noticed that when it appears to be easy, none of the computer controlled cars get a super start, whereas when you get destroyed by them, they all get lightning starts. (I am playing on 1,000cc btw) I really want to like this game but it is certainly testing my patience to its limits.
  14. Excellent, thanks for clearing things up guys.
  15. Did you complete the race after taking each short cut ? I cannot confirm if quitting the race after going through the checkpoint would count or not but it's worth bearing in mind. Perhaps if you didn't it may be worth re-doing them and completing the race and seeing if that works ?
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