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  1. i have not finished the game yet, i am in the middle of sequence 6 right now, but as far as i can tell the sticky notes and the info from the hacked abstergo computers reveal backstory of what is occurring in the present. The Sticky notes seem kinda random, do not have enough access in abstergo to go into many of the areas that have sticky notes, but they have piqued my interest. the info from the hacked computers give info on what abstergo has been up to since the present events of ACIII, mainly dealing with Desmond Miles. Aside from just some extra story, there may not be any extrinsic value of collecting all the info from the computers, but personally, i am having a blast hacking all the computers to unlock new files or transcriptions from Desmond because i was really dissapointed in how after 5 games, desmond just dies with no pay off. but the info that is in the hacked computers implies that we are not done with desmond miles and that even in death, he is still affecting the series.
  2. I just wanted to ask to see if people with old 360's, like me are still have major issues of being able to play the game without the game just crashing on load screens or certain places in the game all the time? I have looked around on multiple forums including R* support page but the fixes that they recommend havent been cutting it for me. this wasnt a problem for me until one day my 360 hard drive had to be reformatted and i lost everything (which is a shame because i was halfway through the game and hoping to make a lot of money of the rebound of Badger stock on Bawsaq), but since then I'll either start the game and then after the R* logo animation it'll freeze the 360 or ill be on the first level and get to the animation where the trio ditch the truck in the snow and then it'll boot back to the R* logo animation and then crash. ive tried everything suggested so far including the one where you clear everything and unplug your console and then reload everything but it still doesnt work. I was hoping that someone could possibly tell me that i have missed something that works for people with 360's that is pretty reliable and people have confirmed of their fix working. Thanks from a person who just wants to play a little GTAV!
  3. i like them all, i was curious about how R* was going to be able to balance out 3 separate characters, what happened if one character was used way more than the other 2? Thankfully R* has done a great job thanks to the writing, without the superb writing, the 3 character layout would have failed miserably. My favourite character so far has to be Michael, and that may be because ive had more missions that have focussed on him, and that may simply because im only halfway through SP campaign. A lot of people seem to love trevor and at first i couldnt really see what was so special about him. Then when i was in freeroam, i was switching to him and he was throwing a Lost biker gang member off a bridge while saying something along the lines of "Im sorry i dont have more time to talk about the virtues of bigotry!" i literally laughed for like 5 minutes. As i play the campaign more, Im beginning to warm up to Trevor simply because i respect the fact that he is good at what he does. i respect people who are the best at what they do no matter how immoral or amoral they are (this is why i always rooted for character such as Hans Landa, Walter White (i never stopped rooting for him!). i also like Franklin in the sense that you get to know what motivates him, and he seems to be the most human out of the trio.
  4. I did but i never tried going out of the study and on to the balcony and back into the study. Unfortunately i seem to have misplaced Serana cause i decided to spend some time pissing off giants for a few hours.
  5. is anyuone else having problems reentering the soul cairn in the vampire castle after finishing the main quest? I dont know if this a glitch or something on my part. I entered the soul cairn originally by having Serana infect me instead of losing my soul. then after coming the cairn for the first time i chose to revert to being a werewolf. however now as i attempt to reenter the Soul cairn, all i do is lose HP. I was told by the game that i should be allowed to go back and forth cause the realm was used to me. I even made a save where i rebecame a vampire yet i still am not able to reenter. Does anyone know if there is a way to get back or having the same problems? this kind of sucks cause i have some unfinished missions to complete in the soul Cairn.
  6. So i have been a werewolf and have been for a long time. But decided to become a vampire to enter the realm to find Serana's mother. now after getting rid of my vampire lord powers to help progress the story and getting "cured" of vampirism, it seems that i have also lost my lycanthropy powers which i really liked. So does any one know if there is a way to regain lycanthropy, or am i plain s**t out of luck and can never be a werewolf ever again?
  7. Often it's best to trust the reviews especially when a game is almost unanimously critically acclaimed all across the board. Remember theres often a reason why critics for different forms of entertainment are still around, it's because they know what the hell they're talking about. If after all the reviews for a film are sent in such as The Godfather and it has a 100% on rotten tomatoes or a game like GTA IV that also has an average of 98% after all the reviews, you think there might be a chance that that movie or game is really good or worth your time? Maybe I'm wrong, maybe the critics are useless fat elitists and the Hangover Part II should win best picture at the oscars this year. Also I know that I kind of botched the poll alittle but I thought people would be smart enough to figure out that MGS & GTA IV were just some examples.
  8. Well according to websites like metacritic which gave it a 98/100, 99.9% of every critic who rated the game, and in my opinion, GTA IV is one of the greatest games of 7th generation, and maybe even ever.
  9. Well when I say one of the best games along with GTA IV and MGS series, I don't restrict it to just them. Those were just some of the games that could be seen as one of the best games ever along with half-life series, mass effect series, uncharted 2, legend of zelda. May have been my fault but I thought people would see that I was just using GTA IV and MGS as some examples of exemplary games I have ever played, and to others maybe Fallout 3 is up there as your favourites along with N.U.D.E. or call of duty 3. It doesn't have to be just MGS or GTA IV.
  10. i think there are a lot of reasons why Fallout 3 is such a great game such as: 1) Meaningful exploration: Fallout 3 was a large place (which should be a given) and like in many rockstar games, the location is often can be a character itself. Also in Fallout 3, the exploration was worth the travel because there was a 90% chance that a unmarked sidequest (that you actually wanted to do, unlike in its successor) would happen and you would enjoy it, or it would have something meaningful for your travel. 2) Fallout 3 plot never got too big or complicated for its own good: The plot was pretty simple compared to other games where developers would take a big leap in storytelling or complex plot that more often than not, it crashes and burns,leaves the player confused, or maybe the player just wont care anymore. Bethesda played it safe by having a small story that people could more than likely relate to in some way and care about the outcome of the game. many people including myself all remember taking a vow to absolutely destroy the enclave after they killed your father james in project purity. There are very few games such as the Mass Effect series where you can spend ages deciding on a simple decision because how it they know that decision will impact the world they inhabit forever. Fallout 3 is one of those games that gets you emotionally invested and care about your decisions. 3) Karma is a female Dog: Like i said previously Fallout 3 is one of a few games still today that made you pause and think of the outcome. I remember the first time i played fallout 3, i hesitantely nuked megaton for the need of cash and a place to crash. After i nuked it, i went to ground zero eventually to see my glory. What i saw made me regret the decision to nuke them, because i felt that the world had suddenly become a lot more emptier than it was before, and immediately went back and decided to save the town in previous save file. One of the many reasons why i found it hard to commit crimes agianst people was that i realised the value of humans (the ones who wouldnt start shooting me on site) because i knew they were essentail to my survival. 4) Memorable DLC: Even though Point Lookout and Broken Steel are pretty much the better DLC of the five, the rest was still worth all the money i paid with it. Though they other 3 were lacking in many of the freedoms in the superior 2, they still did a good job of feeding that addiction to play fallout 3, because they were different from main story, had cool stuff to collect, DLC was filled to the brim with cool things, and after you completed it, you could hardly wait till the next piece of DLC arrived, I'm still waiting for the next 6th piece of DLC to come out for Fallout 3. These are many of the reasons even after playing games like Metal Gear Solid 4, GTA IV, Uncahrted 2, Red Dead Redemption, and Mass Effect 2, i can still come back to the game and play it like it was my very first time.
  11. It's been 3 years since Bethesda released Fallout 3, the game that decimated many peoples social lives, won over critics hearts and conquered the 2008 game awards. Even with other hard hitting games such as GTA IV and Metal Gear Solid 4, which I remind you are some of the best rated games of all time, Fallout 3 practically beat all of them. Now 3 years later, multitude of games such as countless COD games, red dead redemption, Mass Effect 2, and Uncharted 2, have all tried to get where Fallout 3 was 3 years ago. I believe Fallout 3 is the best 7th generation console or PC games to date and will be for a long time. However what do others think, was Fallout 3 just a fad, or was it a good game but since then has lost much of it's lister since more recent critically acclaimed games have been released, or are you one of those people who has played it 4 times through even though you got all the achievements first time through, and you still find enjoyment in the game?
  12. I was wondering, do they have a Hardcore multiplayer mode kinda like COD or BFBC2, becuase i wont even think of buying this game unless it ha this because i cant stand having to shoot someone with a sniper rifle twenty times and they still wont die. So do they have a lobby or game mode where it's basically one shot one kill?
  13. The General Lee would've been proud: Keep a vehicle in the air for over 5 seconds
  14. wait TIME OUT!!!! I think if you complete the game, you are able to go back on that same game file, and it carry over,
  15. a definent buy that you should purchase ME1, but if you do, go all the way and do everything, mission and sidequest, other wise it wont be as rewarding to you when something from ME1 affects ME2, and you didnt even know about it, because you were to lazy to blow through the game in order to play ME2
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