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  1. Seeing as both platforms have updated their lists now with the Poe's Quest for Survival DLC achievements/trophies I'd expect it to come out this Tuesday or next week.
  2. It used to bother me when I was younger and had more time on my hands but now that I'm older I'm perfectly fine with letting 100% completion go. That's not to say I won't try and go for 100% on certain games that do require a huge time sink or skill but if I find myself not having fun or just dreading having to boost it then it's better I just shelve the game and move on.
  3. They usually let you pre-load games about a week or a couple of days before release rolls around. So expect to be able to download towards the end of the month or the first week of October.
  4. I spent hours collecting Nuka Colas and Nuka Cola recipes for the Beverageer achievement only to find out that it was all for naught because two of the recipe books I need have gone missing thanks to some neato explosions and physics working against me. So unless theres some way to auto unlock all recipes like the Automatron parts thing I have to collect everything all over again. What a fantastically shitty ending to a mediocre DLC for a mediocre game !
  5. It honestly just depends on whether or not you really, really, really, really want to play 4 days earlier and get a steelbook for your troubles. You could easily buy the season pass further down the line to support The Coalition once the content has been in the wild long enough to determine if you really want to own them or not.
  6. The only reason why the "grind" was there at TTK was because of Bungie overhauling the light system from Vanilla and the introduction of Infusion 1.0. Rise of Iron's light progression should remain the same as it is now with the exception of maybe CoE not getting updated drops thanks to Archon's Forge.
  7. The three levels I listed are not a part of the 6 bonus levels you unlock in the game. As for when they'll be released? There's no concrete evidence but I'd suspect they'll release them in the fall to capitalize on Rogue One's hype.
  8. The following DLCs are available or will be available for the game (all free if you own the season pass) 3 Story Levels Poe escaping Jakku Kylo Ren leading the assault on Takodana Resistance pilots escaping Starkiller Base before it blows up ?? Character packs Hoth Character Pack Jabba's Palace Character Pack Freemaker Adventures Character Pack Prequel Character Pack Jedi Character Pack (Season pass exclusive) There are also two Playstation exclusive DLCs which consist of a Droid character pack and The Phantom Limb level with C-3PO. No word on whether those will actually come out on Xbox.
  9. Did you accidentally use a battery and restart your Insane run without backing out to the main menu? I recall there being a problem with the Energiser achievement where it wouldn't unlock if you happened to use a battery and didn't exit back to the main menu to restart your Insane play through.
  10. Did you hit on the Bespin playlist and manually select Fighter Squadron?
  11. It's a free weekend offer. Come Sunday you'll be asked to purchase the game if you try and load it up.
  12. Looking for someone to knock out Barras Bravas and Battle of Heroes. I'll be on around 3:00PM EDT so send me a message and FR if you're interested in getting those two achievements done.
  13. The ad is for DC Universe Online, a F2P MMO, and a free copy of the DC animated film Superman/Batman: Apocalypse. Nothing special or flip out worthy.
  14. Unfortunately GTA: SA for 360 is just a port of the iOS version which, for obvious reasons, doesn't have the multiplayer that the PS2/Xbox versions had.
  15. What tiers were you doing? 3oC only works on the Tier 3 bosses since they're the only Ultras in the Court of Oryx.
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