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  1. Hey, May be a long shot, but going to post regardless as it’d be nice to seal this off. Looking to boost Unstoppable & At The Top as these are the last two “boostable” achievements I need. GT: CopSyrup
  2. Hey, looking to boost a few of the online achievements. - Swap Meet - Together is better - People Person - Squad Goals - Best of the bunch (maybe, dependant on availability) will happily return the favour and boost in any other games we may have in common. message me: CopSyrup
  3. Hey, just wondering if anyone looking for (or to assist) with the H2H achievement in an online franchise. It’s the only one I have left. I’ll return the favour shall you need any or in any games we have in common. add/drop me a message on XBL: CopSyrup
  4. Still looking for zombie achievements if anyone is still looking at this game. Feel free to drop me a line. GT = Bowlingforadam
  5. Hey everyone, I've noticed there isn't a thread for boosting online achievements. I literally just have the Pro Clubs win left for 1000G, if there's anyone working through their backlog or looking to boost this. I will happily assist with this game and any others we have in common. Drop me a message or add me on XBL: BowlingForAdam Thanks
  6. What's the game like? I'll definitely be playing whilst it's on game pass!
  7. I definitely think I'll be going for the 100%, and if things do get a bit time consuming or tedious then take a break, i'm in no rush to finish it, just enjoy it along the way. I usually try to alternate between two games, one on the 360 and one on the xbox one, as to avoid not enjoying the game.
  8. Currently trying to tidy up my games list. I've been so bad for starting a game and then getting in to something else. Modern Warfare 3 - Mainly focused on the main campaign at the moment, almost finished on veteran and then can focus on the misc on recruit and finally focus on the spec ops/DLC. Stars Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - I bought this game on release day as I was off work and really enjoyed what I've been playing, just not had much time to get back in to it at the minute. But I've seen that there's a few glitchy achievements which I hope are resolved by the time I get around to them. Most recent 1000G is Modern Warfare, just waiting for the spec ops etc to be added on to Xbox, not played any of the multiplayer as of yet.
  9. I've recently started a "100 movies to watch" list and Forrest Gump was the last one I've watched. I imagine most movie lovers have seen this already, it's an incredible film and I don't think i'll ever get bored of it. However, in terms of "new" movies, Ad Astra is on the list and it's great to see positive reviews above.
  10. It would be a nice touch for maybe an easter egg, or if it turns out to be a sequel and finishes how the original MW starts. Yeah i'm pretty gutted about that, but it gives me a chance to 100% everything in game/online and then can enjoy it all over again when it comes to the Xbox.
  11. I could be wrong, but I don't think it ties in to the original trilogy? I heard it was just an alternative timeline? Unless there's a few little easter eggs thrown in. But it looks so good, can not wait for this game!
  12. Always looking for new people to play with or just compare games with. Always happy to boost any games in common. Add me/message me: GT - BowlingForAdam
  13. Always looking for new people to play with or just compare games with. Always happy to boost any games in common. Add me/message me: GT - BowlingForAdam
  14. Hey mate, i'll be looking to bash out the online achievements that can be boosted if you're looking for someone to play with? My tactic will be the same as yours in terms of the offline achievements. Yet to 100% FIFA 19 also sadly enough
  15. Further to the above, so excited for the new CoD. Not been excited for a new one in a while. I enjoyed WW2, but not really played any others. Currently playing Modern Warfare 3 and hoping to 100% before the release. I know it's not a follow on, but has been fun playing the previous CoD's. Also grinding out WWE 2k19 on X1.
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