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  1. 3 days left in the August leaderboard and I'm sat at the top with +5430 this month, so I've been on a relatively decent grind. Thimbleweed Park, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, and Quantum Break have all been 100%'d this month, and I'm 50% of the way through the N. Sane Trilogy achievements. I only have 3 achievements left to go in Crash 3, quite a fair few in Crash 1 though it's the most challenging one of the trilogy, and I was never a huge fan of Crash 2 so I'll save that until last. 97,135G and rising.. I'm coming for you, 100k!
  2. Sup! I haven't logged in for a very long time but now feels like a good a time as any to come back to a place that's helped me out tremendously over the years. The reason being is that after 11 long years, I'm really close to that elusive 100k gamerscore and I'm mega excited. Thanks for having me back
  3. I put it on the backburner for a a few days while I grinded through Fable III and realised that the game is broken and I need to play through it a third time to get the glitched achievements, but I'm two achievements away from 100% GS on LEGO: Star Wars. I need to go back and collect the final few blue minikits and then score 100 points in arcade mode (which can be exploited by suiciding 100 times). Sounds simple, but never again will I be 100%ing a LEGO game. Star Wars demands you go through the game 4 times which, ordinarily I wouldn't mind in certain games, but I'm at breaking point with LEGO.
  4. I'm really interested, like I think most people are, with some more news about Red Dead Redemption 2, although overall I'd just like an E3 that doesn't feel so FPS heavy. I'd like some news about some new open world, sandbox, hours upon hours of exploration RPG action. Something I can dig my teeth into with nice visuals, a good story, characters you can actually sympathise with and believe in. Having recently played Fable III to hunt the achievements (which are terribly broken, I'll happily add), I would actually like to see Fable rise from the ashes with Fable IV, so long as it went back to its roots. Visuals of III, with the gameplay, character relation and customisation of the first game in '04. Not - "here's a broken game from a dying company[now dead], but also, you should check out the store - there are very miniscule downloadables in there for $5 that we'll have an NPC constantly remind you of everytime you hit the 'start' button". EDIT: ALSO, at the risk of sounding contradictory with my FPS comment, Far Cry 5 because 3 was absolutely beautiful and captured the roots of the initial game on PC beautifully, while eliminating the crippling, malaria ridden difficulty of the second game..
  5. Oh, how I miss those summers in 2004 and 2005 playing the first Fable.. My Demon Door count is stuck on 6/7 even though I've opened 7/7, and some of General Turner and Professor Faraday's diaries have vanished because I originally picked them up while running through the Traitor's Keep DLC. Now I'm going back to collect the ones I didn't pick up, I should have 5/5 for both Turner and Faraday's diaries, yet they're still stuck on 3/5 for both. Another thing is, going for the Popularity Contest achievement, after installing the Traitor's Keep DLC, anytime I make a 6th friend, my counter resets to 0/20 or 1/20, counting the 6th as my first. When, after having kept count, I should now be on 33/20 friends and because my counter has never reached 20/20, my achievement has never popped. I had a similar issue with the Henry VIII achievement. I do have it now, but marrying 6 times and killing 2 spouses didn't pop - thanks to the advice of some members here, my achievement popped after marrying a 7th time and sleeping(???). If anybody has any insight then that would be awesome. The experience I've had (and many others apparently) with how broken things are in Fable III is really upsetting. If I can avoid it, I really don't want to have to play through a generally tiresome game for a third time to rack up 5 or 6 achievements that I should technically already have.
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