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  1. I loved BT when I played the first time. Still I felt it was way too big a too long. A great sequel without a doubt, but lacks the "magic" the first one has. There is something special about the first game, it is very hard to describe. But no, It does not suck. Poor choice of words there.
  2. That was only the case with the notes. The jiggies remained I think?
  3. The resolution improvements make the 360 version the best choice now a days, but I prefer the extra challenge in the original version regarding the musical notes. I prefer doing them all in one try rather than having them saved once I get them.
  4. Hard question. My least favorite level would have to be Clanker´s Cavern, yet I love Clanker. The reason why I don't like it is because releasing Clanker was a pain back in the day. Once I managed to free him, everything went great. Treasure Trove Cove is probably my favorite, but it is hard to choose since I love the game so much.
  5. Achievements are fairly easy in BK since most of them are story related The hardest one is the bootles jiggsaw challenges which are extra. That's the only one that can cause some trouble.
  6. Now that notes are saved once you get them, the play time in Banjo Kazooie is a lot shorter than the original version. BK used to be longer because you had to get all the notes in one try, and if you falied you had to start over again. I personally liked it better that way. I was more challenging, but the "new" feature makes it more convinient. In hindsight, they should added and option to choose how to collect the notes.
  7. Thanks for the list. I'll go check it to find some easy achievements .
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