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  1. I use instant on,so far my XB1 is super quite,let's hope that continues.
  2. Does anyone know if X1 has the feature to download queued games while the console is turned off? I know the 360 has this feature.
  3. I would like to congratulate my Xbox live friend and GSL teammate RedmptionDenied on hitting 500,000 gamerscore today:omg.It only took him a little over a year to go from 400 to 500k(I guess doing all those kinect games has payed off:p).hes one of the nicest guys I know on Xbox live,he's let me borrow many different games from him over the years and he's one of the most dedicated completionest I know too.Congrats on your awesome achievement buddy.
  4. I just looked at the team sign up page and I was surprised to see 22 teams signed up already:eek:.I was wondering if this is the biggest turn out for a GSL in history or not?
  5. WOW A 1300 day scoring streak is Amazing:eek:,Right now I have a 660 day scoring streak going.i make it mandatory to get at least 1 achievement a day.
  6. I'll be stacking this game up on 360 and X1:woop: probably going to play it on 360 first though and then when I play it on X1 I'll be amazed by the awesome graphics:eek:
  7. Awesome job dude congratulations:drunk.hopefully I can hit that number to in the next few months.
  8. Finally reached 350,000 today! Just 50,000 more and I get a free dinner at applebees.
  9. Exactly,I don't care if multiplayer is there but don't put achievements with it to.i really hate it when they put multiplayer In Games that don't need it.like Tomb raider that game did not need multiplayer.its like some company ploy to extend the life of there game so they put multiplayer achievements in it.Now I would rather have the drop in drop out coop.
  10. Im a fan of all types of racing,but for some reason I'm not really into racing games.but after watching the trailer for this game I think I might actually pick this game up,only because it looks so amazing.
  11. Awesome, it looks like its been fixed now.thanks Troy for your help.
  12. :boxerThis is all I have to say about that! http://i208.photobucket.com/albums/bb123/monster_assault/interests/image1.gif
  13. Yeah the pic was there yesterday.ive checked on other sites like Xbox.com and TA.com and my pic is there.i don't know what could have happend I haven't changed my gamerpic in years.
  14. Mysteriously today my gamerpic at the top has disappeared too.i was hoping that it was something to do with the site cause I was getting paranoid thinking I did something wrong somewhere:confused:.hopefully it will be fixed soon.
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