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  1. Delete Cache, Update prevents speaker method, after searching for a solution to infinate and trying methods for days i tried deleting cache and using the method for baby got back, rubbing carpet or anything works like a charm, new update prevents even using the game, worthless devs
  2. 30 hrs is not realistic for multiple random ach, and this guide is full of errors, but i can appreciate the time you put in it so thank you.
  3. i dont know if im crazy but i seemed to notice that when i draw really fast, i get x, but if you wait 3 sec to draw and wait 3 sec to place it helps, i got it my 9th try!
  4. thats because your holding the left stick all the way foward and right instead of hovering it in between the rested center position and the north east position. i did the same thing until i reread this about 4 times.
  5. i just wanted to let everyone know, if you do this just play another quick game without god mode on and it will unlock.
  6. Q: Which founding father was a republican, A strong oppenent to the federal government and a president of the United States? A: Thomas Jefferson Q: What do we call traditional music of the common people handed down from one generation to the next? A: Folk Music Q: How do you spell the word "Discipline"? A: Discipline Q: What nation possessed the first great navy of the Mediterranean? A: Phoenicia Q: Which phylum includes sea urchins and sea cucumbers? A: Echinodermata Q: The law of "Superposition" describes finding new layers of what underneath old layers of what? A: Rocks Q: To what confederacy did the Oneida belong? A: Iroquois Q: What wind driven current warms Europe? A: Gulf Stream Q: What 4 Letter term, beginning with "A", describes an emotional solo, generally accompanied by an orchestra? A: Aria Q: What set of colors were used in pointillism and combined to create all other known colors? A: Primary Q: Explorers and merchants commonly used what wind currents to reach America? A: Gulf Stream Q: Which Founding Father was a Federalist, an opponent of the Articles of Confederation, and a Secretary of the Treasury? A: Alexander Hamilton Q: What was the name given to the movement led by artists who wanted to go beyond Impressionism? A: Post-Impressionism Q: What is the term for a conflict that takes place inside a character in a story? A: internal conflict Q: Which part of salt (NaCl) helps make stomach acid? A: CL Q: What scientific term best describes the symmetry of an electric eel? A: bilateral Q: Find the missing variable of 92 - N = 46. A: 46 Q: What mineral, good for bones, is found in spinach? A: Calcium Q: What is the 4-letter root word meaning against or opposite A: anti Q: what planet takes 1408 hours to turn a complete revolution on its axis A: mercury Q: what 19th century art style used only dots to create full colored paintings A: pointillism Q: the anasazi built some of their dwellings on the side of what A: cliffs Q: from what extremely cold point is the kelvin temperature scale calibrated A: absolute zero Q: the greater antilles can be found in what sea A: Caribbean Q: earthquakes, volcanic activity, mountain-building, and oceanic trench all occur on the boundaries of what geological feature. A: Tectonic Plates Q: Some molluscs encase irritants inside their shells in layer of shellining. what organic gem does this create A: pearl Q: what is the least common multiple of 3 and 5 A: 15 Q: find the next 4 numbers in this sequence: 3,9,5,11 A: 7,13,9,15 Q: then nile is about as long as what south american river A: AMAZON Q: the azores are in the middle of which ocean A: Atlantic Q: francisco vazquez de coronado y lujan searched fro the seven lost cities made of what A: gold Q: the alloy brass is a mix of zinc and what other element. A: copper Q: william garrison and frederick douglass were part of what national movement A: Abolition Q: what is a nine letter word beginning with n that describe a story about a sequence of events or experiences A: narrative Q: the religious seperatists that colonized america in the 17th century are better known by what name A: pilgrim Q: What do we call a partial or complete solid solution that contains one or more metallic elements?? A: alloy Q: What is the 5-letter root word meaning "time"? A: chron Q: What is the scientific term for a tectonic plate sliding into the Earth's mantle? A: Subduction Q: What is the 3-letter root word meaning "not" or "without"? A: Non Q: If bacteria are prokaryotic cells, what kind of cells are fungi? A: Eukaryotic Q: The ancient Greek epic "The Iliad" told the story of what war? A: Trojan War Q: What type of rock is peridotite? A: Igneous Q: What do we call the study of heredity in biology? A: Genetics
  7. Words Of Wisdom About this game. - The brass bell achievement pops in battle of wits - the best game mode to boost xbox live money is three and out. - the best way to boost 50 right answers is the showdown with spelling and about 5 friends to ensure the correct answers. - the only achievement that needs 4 players is head of class, all others can be done with 2 player boosting. 1,000,000 Questions and Answers Q: What are planets calle that do not have solicate surfaces? A: Jovian Q: What other plains combined with the Gulf Plains to make the Coastal Plains? A: Atlantic Q: 9 letter word for story sequence is A: narrative Q: What US Protectorate is part of the greater Antilles? A: Puerto Rico Q: What Painting style is unique to Peter Paul Rubens and Jacobs Jordaens? A: Baroque Q: If katie leaves Ohio what state capital will she go into A: Richmond West Virginia Q: How many parties were there when adams took office? A: The answer is 2 Q: Which river, when combined with the Mississippi, makes up the 4th largest waterway in the world? A: Missouri Q: What is the name of the stone-filled muscular organ used by birds to grind up swallowed seeds? A: Gizzard Q: In literary analysis, what do we call the central character? A: Protagonist Q: To what group did the Nakota belong? A: Sioux Q: What protein-based substance do most spiders and a special kind of domesticated moth produce? A: Silk Q: The Coastal Plains are often divided into the Gulf Plains and what other plains? A: Atlantic Q: What kind of printing press did Richard Hoe invent in the 19th century? A: Rotary Q: What is the solvent of salt water? A: Water Q: When two tectonic plates move apart underwater, the leaking magma forms mountains that make up an oceanic what? A: Ridge Q: Find the missing variable of 12 = 408 / P A: 34 Q: What noble creature was featured through "The Chronicles of Narnia" series but was not the main protagonist? A: Lion Q: What kind of organism creates strep throat? A: Bacteria Q: Portugal had a heavy presence in what part of the Americas? A: South America Q: What is the scientific term for underwater steam vent? A: Hydrothermal Vent. Q: In scientific terms what does inference mean? A: Data. Q: What documentation did proprietary companies obtain from the king to colonize the new world A: charter Q: how do you spell the word ________[discipline] A: discipline Q: What kind of houses did the Anasazi build? A: Pueblo Q: Which Phylum are Jellyfish & Coral a part of A: Cnidarian Q: Known for distorting reality to add an emotional effect, Franz Marc and Edvard Munch shared what 20th century style? A: Expressionism Q: Scientific Term for the middle layer of the Earth A: Mantle Q: The Polynesians traveled which ocean? A: Pacific Q: Jupiter and what other planet have a rocky core surrounded by metallic hydrogen under extreme pressures? A: Saturn Q: What do we call the part at the end of a book where the author talks about how the book was developed? A: Afterword Q: The Racetrack was measured in Miles, Kilometers, Meters and Yards. Which would give the lowest number? A: Miles Q: In what phylum do fish species account for up to half of all the species? A: Chordates Q: "The Iliad", "Beowulf" and "Epic of Gilgamesh" are examples of what classic style of writing? A: Epic Poetry Q: Which US Mountain Range was born over 300 million years ago making it the oldest range in the US? A: Appalachian Mountains Q: Plants and animals have ekaryotic cells with chromosomes. What kind of cells do bacteria have? A: Prokaryotic Q: Which of the 4 gas giants has the most extreme tilt. creating the most extreme seasons? A: Uranus Q: How do you spell the word "CEMETERY" A: Cemetery Q: The Caribbean Sea is close in size to what European sea? A: Mediterranean Sea Q: How many pounds of nuts would you need to fill 27 six-ounce jars? A: 11 Q: The styles of Cezanne, Van Gogh and Gauguin all could be categorized as Post-what? A: Impressionism Q: What was an independent republic before the mexican-american war? A: Texas Q: What is the 5-letter root word meaning "Too Much" or "Beyond"? A: Hyper Q: In what country does a canal link the Atlantic and Pacific oceans? A: Panama Q: The Pawnee, Cheyenne and Arapaho were grouped as tribes in what part of North America? A: Great Plains Q: What Country sent explorers to the American southwest to search for the legendary "Seven cities of Gold"? A: Spain Q: What rank in Portugal's royalty was held be Henry the Navigator? A: Prince Q: Vasco Da Gama found a reliable route to what country? A: India Q: How many of the original 13 Colonies were in New England A: 6 Q: What is the name of the deepest convergent depression found in the ocean? A: Mariana Trench Q: What is the scientific term for north that is pointed on a compass? A: Magnetic North Q: The Scientific term for a planet composed mostly of silicate rocks is a what planet? A: Terrestrial Q: What scientific term best describes the symmetry of an electric eel? A: Bilateral Q: What art syle would be used to describe the most common works of leonardo da vinci? A: Realist Q: How do you spell the word ___________? A: Conscious Q: What 19th Century invention made it possible to use America's larger rivers as an effective transportation network? A: Steamboat Q: How do you spell the word____________? A: Exhilarate Q: Which is the smallest jovian planet in the solar system? A: Neptune Q: Proton carries what kind of charge? A: Positive Q: This Hydrogen-filled rigid-frame airship was named after its inventor what was its name? A: Zeppelin Q: What is the common acronym for a heart/ lung revival technique that rescues someone from unconsciuosness? A: CPR Q: Before Whitney's Cotton Gin, most cotton had to have the fibers serpated from the seeds and husks by what? A: Hand Q: how do u spell the word ..... A: foreign < --- is the answer Q: red- shifts and blue shifts are part of what effect ? A: doppler Q: tony needs 35oz of parmesan to make fettucine alfredo for 24 guests. how many kilograms of cheese must he buy ? A: 1 Q: what planet has about the same number of hours in a day as earth? A: mars Q. What is a common, 6-letter word beginning with "s" that describes physical, mental, or emotional strain? A. Stress Q. The native tribes of the Pacific northwest relied heavily on what fish for food? A. Salmon Q. Rounding up, how many pounds are in 2 tons, 122 ounces? A. 4008 Q. The Abenaki, the Penobscot, and the Wampanoag were tribes in what region of the United States? A. New England Q. The Colorado River follows what major mountain range? A. Rocky Mountains Q. What ocean is the Atlantic ocean almost as big as? A. Indian Q. Two inventors who made contributions to communication were Alexander Graham Bell and Samuel F.B. what? A. Morse Q: The African Nation of Mali was famous for trading Gold and what necessary seasoning? A: Salt Q: Who was the last of the Great Khans? A: Kublai Khan Q: What do we call the disease that results from a deficiency of insulin? A: Diabetes Q: Paint is an example of what kind of mixture? A: Suspension Q: The Celsius Scale is calibrated off the melting point of what substance? A: Ice Q: What is the name of the system that allows the blind to read? A: Braille
  8. i am not sure were you have to go since i went to all the fast travel locations, but apennine mountains is not a choice in the fast travel and as soon as i physically went there the achievement poped. if your not sure if you are wearing it, press start, inventory, outfits, and it should be listed there if you have all the feather and have turned them in to the chest above the room where you upgrade your city and get money. press x to equip.
  9. ok i saw a few others having trouble with this, i am not sure were you have to go since i went to all the fast travel locations, but apennine mountains is not a choice in the fast travel and as soon as i physically went there the achievement poped.
  10. i have worn this cape everywhere can someone who has gotten this achievement tell me what cities you visited specifically. before it poped, because i visited every fast travel location and nothing.
  11. thanks, that worked great, i played the game for 4 hours yesturday just casually hiting up and only got 1100. this took about 30 minutes. and who the hell cares if its all caps. i wish people thanked others for their contributions instead of being a dick about something that doesnt even matter. grow up
  12. i need the famouse pinata ach. i will ship it right back. i have money to give. 40 million
  13. i need the famous pinata, i will ship it right back. i have money to give. however much you want i have 40million
  14. any tips on getting 3 doubles in a row. is anyone else having trouble with this.
  15. need keys and gargoles ach. either or both. will trade completionist.
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