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  1. If you want to follow a step-by-step, 100% video guide for this game, here's one I created. It's slowly paced so you can follow it easily. Game requires 1 full and 1 partial playthrough (both in the video) and has a bunch of collectibles which are also covered. Please follow the guide precisely and don't forget to click on the animals when I do it (even if it seems pointless) because there's a trophy tied to it. You do not need to play/finish the bonus chapter for the platinum this time, so this chapter is not covered in the guide.
  2. ABYSS boasts a standard Achievement set for Artifex Mundi games. There are a few story related Achievements, Achievements for playing hidden object scenes / puzzles quickly without hintos or skips and the game requires a second playthrough for the domino games. Still, the 1000G is easy (1/10 with guide) and quick (around 4 hours) and above all, this point and click version of "Bioshock" (it even uses an eerily similar font) is really enjoyable to play. If you want to get all Achievements as quickly as possible, you can follow my 100% walthrough videos. They are slowly paced and easy to follow, showing you the solution to all puzzles and what you need to do to get through the game. Please note that there are no collectables this time round, but the objects you need to find in the hidden object puzzles are randomized and might be different from what you see in the videos. Part 1: - Main Game Expert Difficulty Walkthrough will around 69% of the trophies Part 2: - Main Game Speedrun for Domino Games Part 3: - Bonus Chapter
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