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  1. Also comes included with the 'Ultimate' edition, whether you preordered or not. And yeah, if you buy the DLC-packs, you get the cars for free, so that IS a pretty neat way to turn spare skill-points into cash. OTOH, there are many OTHER things you can spend spare skillpoints on too - like, if you want the TVR FE, that'll cost you 99 of the buggers. It's a tradeoff...
  2. I've had some trouble with my progress on stuff resetting without warning... like, I've got a Seasonal Challenge at the moment to rack up 7 million skill-points in an Offroader, right? So I've been switching to my Range Rover whenever I didn't need something else for a race, racking up points while traveling between missions... but then I stopped and checked on my progress, and found that it was basically NIL. Something I'd done at some point, probably recently, had reset it. But I have no idea WHAT! Was it changing to a different car? Participating in a race or event? I know that shutting the game down doesn't reset it, fortunately, but I still need to know what I can and cannot safely do without my hard-earned progress being unceremoniously lost. Same deal with Championships. I've tried starting one, then been distracted for a bit by something else - a Barn-find popping up, I think, or one of those Forzathon Live events - but when I wanted to go back to the Championship, it wasn't there anymore. I had to start it over from the first race again. Now I'm paranoid about doing ANYTHING in the middle of a Championship. Does it reset if you change your car? If you MODIFY your car? If you change the DIFFICULTY? If you shut down the game and start it up again? Does anybody know? EDIT: Well, it seems like starting a race resets the skill-streak, at the very least. DAMMIT. Anybody know of a fast way to rack up 7 million points? I'm getting SICK of this...
  3. What he said. It's worth mentioning, however, that 'Wheelspins' is by far the best way to earn Credits in this game (actual race-winnings tend to be... somewhat underwhelming by comparison), and DOUBLING your winnings on those is a serious boost to your income. Having lots of money can be useful for any number of achievements... I'M certainly glad I got the VIP Bonus. The cars are nice too.
  4. Hmm... intriguing. I WAS thinking about that bonus-credits perk, actually. Goliath, you say? I'll have to take a look around for it. Is it tarmac, dirt/sand, or a Scramble? Just, y'know, for tuning my car for it. I dunno about setting the opponents to 'unbeatable'. I usually don't go higher than Above Average, unless I'm racing nothing but Reliant Robins, if you know what I mean. Is there something about the Goliath track that makes the AI less threatening than normal? (Oh, and... 38 mill in the bank? Good grief. What are you gonna USE all that dosh for? >_>; ) EDIT: Well, that worked a charm. Made a cool mill, and had no trouble staying ahead of - and, indeed, repeatedly lapping - the the 'Unbeatable' AI's. They DO seem to have some trouble with that track, don't they? Of course, it probably helped that I was using the Dodge Viper Credits-plus car upgrade to the top of S2, including four-wheel drive... making me, in a 'Modern Muscle' themed race, the ONLY guy with decent traction. HUGE advantage on the sandy and dirt-tracked bits. ^_^
  5. So... any advice on making credits quick'n'easy? I know you'll get more than you can hope to use before you're done with every exhibition and championship, but... having experienced it once already, I'm slightly neurotic about making a Festival Expansion and then not being able to afford any of the discounted cars. And I'm at the point where only level-4 and level-5 expansions are left - and level-5 ones always has an array of million-credit-plus cars on offer. Basically, I'm worries about being able to make money fast enough to reach suitable amounts by the time my Fans-gauge reaches the critical numbers. So far, the best approach to moneymaking I've found is to just... focus on XP, paradoxically enough. You can make a lot of money from the Wheelspin, especially with the VIP Bonus. Enough so that the XP Plus cars seems more economical than the Credits Plus cars. (And of course, always chase down any Bounty-cars you see...) Buuut making XP without making too many fans is sticky by itself, and it's rather luck-based. Sometimes you get 200.000 credits, and sometimes you get 4.000, ya know? So - ideas? Suggestions? Wisdom to share?
  6. He probably means 'shortest', so as to grind through Horizon Hardcore with maximum efficiency. And I'm a bit curious about the answer myself, honestly.
  7. Associated question: If doing a Championship in Co-Op, each separate race counts as an 'event' for the purpose of the 10-event achievement, right?
  8. Looking for partner to do drag-races and 10 Co-Op events. PM me. Oh, and just to check - events done in the Co-Op count towards Exhibition Expert/Horizon Hardcore for BOTH players, right? EDIT: Got all the Co-Op achievements now... thanks, Elysi! ^_^
  9. Good to know. I shall carry on ignoring them, then.
  10. I'm just wondering... I keep getting in-game mails about how so-and-so has beaten my time on this-and-this, and how I should totally go reclaim my honor. A closer look shows that they promise a LUDICROUSLY tiny payout in credits for one-upping your rival's times. Like, a couple of hundred, maybe one or two thousands in extreme cases. Small change. So... is the whole thing entirely pointless for anyone who isn't hypercompetitive (and probably rather insecure), or is there some inobvious advantage to challenging Rivals? There doesn't seem to be any ACHIEVEMENTS related to them at all, anyway. Which is honestly a bit surprising.
  11. Gah! >.< Well, that's egg on my face for not doing a proper search of the board before asking questions. My bad. But whatever, I've got all the boards now, and all the roads - so now all that's left is... well... all the Exhibitions and all the Championships and all the Stunts... guess I've still got my work cut out for me.
  12. Ah, should've thought of that! I remember finding an earlier bonus-board on a railway bridge... thanks!
  13. Well, yes. The XP and Credit payout of any event is directly connected to its length. The longer it is - in both size and lap-numbers - the bigger the payout. So if you do 1-lap races only, the payout will be just about a third of what you'd have gotten from a 3-lap race...
  14. Well, credit where credit is due - Wildmn34's method worked for me, albeit somewhat accidentally. I started searching for the last handful of bonus-boards, ran into one that I couldn't figure out how to GET to, and then started scanning the map for hints. And spotted a teeny dirt-road on the side of the highway with a bit of grey in the middle. No bonus-boards at the end of it - nor did it turn out to be helpful for finding the mystery-board that started me searching - but I DID find it while searching for bonus-boards!
  15. Hunting down the last few Bonus Boards at the moment... and I've run into a right humdinger. This one, to be specific: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xypkpkxt9erob5e/Invisible%20Sign.jpg?dl=0 It's right in the middle of a field, basically. Few trees, nothing too dense. Couple of bushes. No big rocks, no buildings. And absolutely no bonus-boards. I've driven all over the place - it's not there. And, of course, it's a 20K XP-Board according to the interactive map - those tend to be well-concealed or hard to get to. My best guess would be that it's underground somehow - in a tunnel or abandoned mineshaft - but if so, where's the entrance?
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