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  1. thanks, stupid me just needed to feed them a daisy head to unlock him
  2. hi im now on level 21 and still have not unlocked willy do any1 know what level he unlocks on as i need pinata houses thanks
  3. win 2000 points 15-0 =1 point, 30-0 =2 points, 40-0 =3 points i think your looking at unlock points as your only on junior i just unlocked this one and i finshed pro mode.
  4. graphics are very poor, achievements may be easier than beijing but graphics and gameplay beijing rules all the way. think your right it more like the arcade version achievements, beijing 735, summer athletics 1
  5. same here messed up on the last day then went though again and no achievement. going to start again 2nite
  6. yeah i agree took me a long time to and i dont know how people have gone over 8.96 i was thinking maybe in olympic mode when you have max out yr player dont 4get on pole vault u have 2 watch the power bar and stop the line inside the red part u have made.
  7. hammer throw is alot different then on track and field more about timing then power my best events are the sprinting on the track and swimming also the triple jump but the shotput is by far the worst so hard
  8. olympic mode is not points it done by medals gold, silver and bronze. but you can go into competion and do heptathlon 7 events or decathlon 10 events those work on the point system
  9. lol i know what you mean my arms are mashed aswell but its been worth it great game plays very well. been waiting for a good game like this since track and field on ps2
  10. Hi i see some people talking about what events are on this game so i have made a list TRACK 100m 200m 400m 800m 1500m 110 hurdles 100 hurdles FIELD high jump pole vault long jump triple jump shot put discus throw hammer throw javelin throw AQUATICS 50m freestyle 100m Backstroke 100m butterfly 100m breaststroke 3m springboard/diving 10 platform/diving GYMNASTICS parallel bars vault ring floor exercise beam uneven bars SHOOTING shotgun-skeet 10m air pistol 25m rapid fire pistol OTHERS archery weightlifting cycling canoe-kayak judo table tennis plus decathlon and heptathlon
  11. still only 6 of 10 whats going on is this going ahead or shell we try to get new players
  12. i got the same problem mate, the first online game you play if the other person quits the achievement becomes glitched. there is another thread that some1 has started on here and some1 has said theres a way to get it by deleting all your saved game data from euro and starting again which i will try when ive finshed
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