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  1. How'd I miss that deal...for $5, I might be willing to grab this one.
  2. it's a fun game with great single player elements. If you enjoy the Batman genre, you'll love this. If you're a fan of adventure style games, you should have fun as well.
  3. I haven't finished the full 1k but I played about halfway through in a couple of hours without much challenge/problem. I got it on sale and I'm glad I didn't decide to pay full price when it was first released (I'm a big PoP fan and was tempted to buy this one out of the gate). Generally it's fun, but the depth is more akin to an XBLA game than a full retail game. I do need to get back to it and finish up the rest of the playthrough.
  4. I'm not a huge multiplayer player in most cases just because I don't always have a ton of time to dedicate and even when I do, I often have to pause to go deal with other things. Multiplayer could be a fun addition if done well and not just tacked on for a "bullet point" on the box.
  5. Totally stoked for this game. I've loved the Lego Star Wars games but I'm a HUGE Indy fan (always loved him more than Star Wars...don't shoot me *grin*). So I'm even more pumped for this title. Can't wait!!!
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